Episode 15: Repositioning for Maximum Potential with Alistair Edwards


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Show notes

On this episode I am pleased to be joined by Alistair Edwards, entrepreneur, who serves as a market trainer (voted the 2017 trainer of the year) and group benefits specialist, educating business owners and employees identity theft protection, and risk management for LegalShield.

Alistair Edwards brings 27 years of experience in retail management, managing facilities that have generated over $30MM in annual sales.

Alistair currently serves as President of the National Sales network Atlanta Chapter.  He is a former board member of the 100 Black Men of Atlanta and inductee to the 2003 Class of Outstanding Atlanta, as well as other community organizations, recognized as one of the leading community activists in the Atlanta area focusing on youth mentorship.

He holds a BA degree in Business Economics and Political Science from Florida A&M University.

During our discussion, Alistair shares his journey through the ranks in retail management, his realization of the desire to pursue another path and how he achieved it.  Further, we discuss several initiatives that he has been involved in and his thoughts on the role each of us can play to make a positive societal impact.

  • Background [2:30]
  • Pull out of the house by police [5:00]
  • Into Public Supermarkets [8:00]
  • What prompts being an entrepreneur [13:00]
  • Evaluating LegalShield [18:00]
  • His approach to Personal Development [21:00]
  • Personal Development Tools of Choice [24:00]
  • Everyone has a role in Social Justice [25:31]
  • Action items and the advice he would give his younger self [34:00]

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