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  • More than 60% of students graduate high school with a lack of proficiency in Math, Reading and Science.

  • That number rises to 75% for Black and Hispanic students.

  • 85% of employees are currently not engaged at work.

  • Employee attrition is peaking at 25% on average.

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EDUCATORS: Help students gain

Increased Study, Improved School Attendance, Improved Academic Achievement, Continued Educational Advancement, and Improved Employment

EMPLOYERS: Empower Your workforce

Improve employee accountability and ownership for their career journey through your organization in partnership with managers.  Increase engagement and reduce attrition.

Let's Change Things

We deliver a program focused on self-efficacy, building desire and belief, followed by a universal set of work and life skills.  We call them the Six Promises.

Through the program, participants will:

  • Develop their passion/purpose
  • Develop an informed plan
  • Use the provided tools to help them succeed
  • Establish accountability and ownership

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