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September 2019

Success Thought of the Day – 9/9/19

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Opportunities often do not come labeled as such. They are often tucked inside of things we may not want to do and stored in places we may not want to visit – literally and figuratively. Approach your barriers with an opportunistic mindset and prepare for the increase.

Rowing harder doesn’t help if the boat is heading in the wrong direction. – Kenichi Ohmae

Success Thought of the Day -9/3/19

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It is very hard to believe that there are only four months left in the year, isn’t it?  When you consider the holidays and such throughout, we all know it is much less working time than that.  Our natural inclination is to look at our goals and if we are not where we need to be, to drive harder.  Before doing so, take a deep breath and evaluate.  Are you pursuing those goals in the most expedient manner?

Success Thought of The Day!

Your attitude at the start of the day can have more effect on you than ten cups of coffee!

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