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Success Thought of the Day – 9/23/21

By the way, yesterday is now the past.

Take the lesson learned and keep it moving! 

Success Thought of the Day – 9/21/21

Exhale and let that quote settle in.

Take a moment to celebrate yourself and the road you’ve traveled so far.

Success Thought of the Day – 9/20/21

Over the past few weeks, I have talked with many leaders expressing fatigue.  It is not surprising! The past two years have called for leaders to learn and act rapidly, use more emotional intelligence, and continually adjust.  We shared many ideas; my contribution was “lead on purpose.”

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Success Thought of the Day – 9/15/21

The development of inner beauty is for each of us to own for ourselves.

The fruit of which has a tremendous impact on others.   You can only give or lead from the reservoir you have established.

Success Thought of the Day – 9/14/21

It isn’t easy to see while in the moment but astonishing when you look back at the cumulative effect.

Just keep going.

Success Thought of the Day – 9/13/21

It is incredible how, when planning a vacation, we can get connected to the pictures of the location.  Not just the country or city, but into the details.  The property, the immediate surroundings, the restaurants, the room, the beaches, and so on.  Those visuals give us something to look forward to as we begin to invest monetarily.

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Success Thought of the Day – 9/10/21

These ten words are worth not only repeating but taking a moment to complete each sentence for yourself.  I’ll start.

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Success Thought of the Day – 9/9/21

Continue to be a cheerful giver in all that you do.

Just be sure to put yourself in the “receiving line” as well.

Success Thought of the Day – 9/8/21

Each part of my journey that yielded growth included some level of being afraid in the beginning.  

Taking the small steps, developing mentoring relationships with those who have done it before (when possible), learning assertively, and improving quickly were all a part of the process of pushing through it.

Success Thought of the Day – 9/2/21

Creating the line of sight between where you are now and your vision, takes work.  Add to that the inevitable barriers that you face in between, including people, cultural norms, and more.  

Salman and I discuss techniques to mitigate those barriers.  [Read more for link to listen]

Success Thought of the Day – 9/1/21

Many things on the road to your success will not produce “feel good” feelings. However, those things need to get done.

Like a horse with blinders, stay focused on your race.

Success Thought of the Day – 8/31/21

The allocation of time, in and of itself, is a meaningful investment.   

Allocate time according to your desired level of success.

Success Thought of the Day – 8/26/21

Nate hit rock bottom after becoming a business owner, not finding the fulfillment he expected, falling into drug addiction, committing grand theft, and going to prison. 

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Success Thought of the Day – 8/25/21

Your success is dependent on your personal growth; the former will not exceed the latter.

Plan regular meetings “with yourself,” to learn, assess and plan future steps.

Success Thought of the Day – 8/24/21

Your biggest breakthrough might be on the other side of that mountain.

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Success Thought of the Day – 8/23/21

Most great businesses don’t grow out of complex, rocket-science-like ideas.

Most have just two things. A product or service solves a problem and a founder who is committed to seeing it through.

Success Thought of the Day – 8/19/21

Dr. Brooks was recently on my podcast, sharing the importance of understanding the continuous nature of our journeys.

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