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December 2021

Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending. - Carl Bard

Success Thought of the Day – 12/20/21

Several years ago, I held an offsite for my leadership team during a challenging time. We were a newer division within the company with huge goals, and things were not taking off as planned.

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Experiences are like wisdom deposits, available for recall to pay a toll when needed. - James Rosseau, Sr.

Success Thought of the Day – 12/14/21

I can admit there were times I just wanted to “get through it” and get to the “next thing.” I now appreciate the time in each and everything.

A shift from wanting to “get through it” to a desire to learn from it can be meaningful, and increase that recall value. The cumulative effect on your journey cannot be overstated.

You matter, and your contribution matters. - James Rosseau, Sr.

Success Thought of the Day – 12/13/21

It has been said the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing people that he doesn’t exist. I would argue the second greatest trick is implanting the belief that you cannot change the world. You give up that special part of you the moment you believe that.

Please don’t fall for it. You matter!

Relationships require engagement, be intentional. - James Rosseau, Sr.

Success Thought of the Day – 12/10/21

We have always needed to invest time to build great relationships.   Proximity made it more convenient.  However, it also led us to assume that we had done the work when perhaps we had not.

The future of work means we must be intentional if we want those relationships.

As the space shuttle heads towards orbit, it releases the boosters after completing their job.    Consider what you need to release as you head towards your orbit. - James Rosseau, Sr.

Success Thought of the Day – 12/7/21

Some things are with you for a reason and a season.  Be thankful for it and continue to move forward. 

As you plan for the New Year and next stages, in addition to your “to-do” list, be sure to create your “release list.”

You Have to Define Yourself Because Other People Will Always Define You. - Deryl McKissack

Success Thought of the Day – 12/6/21

Make clear for others who you are, what you bring to the table, and where you are going. Doing so removes the room for misguided applications of generalities and misunderstandings.

Branding begins with clarity.

Success Thought of The Day!

Your attitude at the start of the day can have more effect on you than ten cups of coffee!

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