Unexpressed emotions will never die. They are buried alive and will come forth later in uglier ways. ― Sigmund Freud

Success Thought of the Day – 7/23/21

There is no need to go into “fight or flight” mode. Be prepared, be reminded that you always get to choose your response, leverage the speaker’s technique to bring yourself back to a calm state, and express yourself!

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Ultimately, the only power to which man should aspire is that which he exercises over himself. - Elie Wiesel

Success Thought of the Day – 7/22/21

There is a tendency to focus on external things more than internal things.  If you want to grow as a leader, you must lead yourself and master the internal things.  There are five areas the I would submit as key to focus on.

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Failure seldom stops you; what stops you is the fear of failure. – Jack Lemmon

Success Thought of the Day – 7/19/21

The opportunity to grow through lessons is plentiful on the road to whatever you want to accomplish.  Many of those lessons come gift-wrapped within the word “failure.”

Put fear in its proper place, overshadowed by your drive to fulfill your purpose.

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Some things are negotiable. However, some are not. Be clear about the difference between the two. – James Rosseau, Sr.

Success Thought of the Day – 7/15/21

In one sense, we know that we must be flexible on our journeys as the road is never a straight line. We will continuously face alternate routes, challenges, and barriers.

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H.A.T.E.R. - Helping Activate The Efforts Required. - James Rosseau, Sr.

Success Thought of the Day – 7/14/21

What do I mean by help? They agitate you.

An agitator in a washing machine helps break down stains and loosen soils, aiding in the processes of making your clothes clean. Think of what a H.A.T.E.R.’s agitation might be doing to you—breaking down and stripping away the unnecessary.

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Cheer for and learn from people that are winning. – James Rosseau, Sr.

Success Thought of the Day – 7/13/21

Start your daily grind towards purpose with gratitude.  From that position, you’ll better appreciate that no one needs to fail for you to win.

Don’t hate, collaborate.  Learn from and work with others going where you want to go. 

Stay connected to what burdens you. - James Rosseau, Sr.

Success Thought of the Day – 7/12/21

What is, once, was not. Let your creativity flow into solving what burdens you.

And do not be convinced someone else is solving for that burden unless you see it solved. Until then, it is a jump ball, dive for it.