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Episode 123: Ryan Bomberger confronts America’s Fatherlessness Epidemic

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Hey family. I want to share with you the profound insights from my recent podcast with the remarkable Ryan Bomberger. Ryan is not only an Emmy award-winning creative professional, columnist, and activist but also the author of “Not Equal: Civil Rights Gone Wrong.” Our conversation delved into the critical issue of fatherlessness and its impact on children and society as a whole.

A Personal Journey of Love and Sacrifice

Ryan’s story is one of passion and purpose, deeply rooted in his own upbringing. Growing up in a large family of 15, with 10 adopted siblings, Ryan was fortunate to have a father who exemplified the love of Christ and stood as a beacon of what it means to be a husband and father. His father’s sacrifice and love ignited Ryan’s dedication to advocating for the importance of fatherhood.

The Devastating Impact of Fatherlessness

During our discussion, Ryan laid bare the harsh realities of fatherlessness. He shared staggering statistics and research that link the absence of fathers to increased poverty, high school dropout rates, violence, teen pregnancies, abortion rates, and even obesity. These are not just numbers; they represent the lived experiences of countless children and communities grappling with the void left by absent fathers.

Reaffirming the Essential Role of Fathers

Ryan and I explored the need to dismantle the dangerous narrative that fathers are nonessential. He passionately argued for the recognition of fathers as pillars of stability and support in the family unit. The absence of a father figure has profound and far-reaching implications, not just for the individual but for society at large.

The Power of Purpose and Recognition

In our conversation, Ryan reflected on being named one of the 50 greatest pro-life leaders in the past 50 years. While grateful for the accolade, he emphasized that the true reward lies in fulfilling God’s calling. His organization, Radiance Foundation, is a testament to this belief, shining a light on the inherent purpose of every human life.

Crafting a Message of Truth and Activism

As a chief creative officer, Ryan approaches messaging with a fearless, factual, and free spirit. He stressed the importance of context in bringing clarity to societal issues, advocating for truth over emotion in the pursuit of meaningful activism.

The Intentional Design of Family

The staggering statistics on fatherlessness cannot be ignored. Ryan and I discussed the intentional design of the family structure and the critical role fathers play in nurturing strong children and communities. He called upon fathers to embrace their responsibilities and mentor the next generation of responsible fathers.

Workshops and Presentations: Educating and Empowering

Radiance Foundation’s commitment to addressing fatherlessness extends to workshops and presentations aimed at educating and empowering teens and young adults. Ryan’s invitation to support their work and share their content is a call to action for all of us to raise awareness about the importance of fatherhood.

Faith, Mental Health, and Fatherhood: A Triad of Hope

Ryan also touched upon the correlation between faith, mental health, and fatherhood. He shared that individuals grounded in faith often experience better mental health outcomes and highlighted the role of fathers in fostering spiritual life, which can significantly enhance mental well-being.

Defying the Odds: A Message of Hope

A personal anecdote about Ryan’s barber, an ex-felon who grew up without a father, served as a powerful example of overcoming the cycle of fatherlessness. It’s a celebration of those who, despite their backgrounds, have become involved and present fathers.

A Call to Action

Our conversation concluded with an invitation for you, the audience, to learn more about Ryan Bomberger and the Radiance Foundation. It’s a call to recognize the significance of fatherlessness and to support the cause of reaffirming the importance of fatherhood.


The impact of fatherlessness is a societal issue that demands our attention and action. Through my dialogue with Ryan Bomberger, we’ve uncovered the critical role of fathers in shaping stronger individuals and communities. Let’s join hands in supporting the mission of the Radiance Foundation and work towards a future where every child can experience the love and guidance of a father. Together, we can break the cycle of fatherlessness and build a foundation of hope and resilience for generations to come.

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Ryan with his wife and children
Ryan with Congressmen Bob Good


The impact of fatherlessness (00:00:00) Discussion of the negative consequences and statistics of fatherlessness in America.

Ryan’s personal background (00:01:25) Ryan Bomberger’s personal experiences with fatherlessness and his mission to address the issue through Radiance Foundation.

Recognition and affirmation (00:04:24) Ryan’s surprise at being named one of the 50 greatest pro-life leaders and his affirmation of living out his calling.

Ryan’s role and work (00:06:11) Ryan’s role as a chief creative officer and his focus on crafting fearless, factual, and free messaging.

Activism and research (00:07:00) Ryan’s approach to activism, emphasizing the importance of research and context in understanding and messaging about issues.

Negative impact of fatherlessness (00:09:38) Exploration of the correlation and causation between fatherlessness and poverty, education, violence, and health.

Reaffirming the role of fathers (00:18:11) The importance of reaffirming the role of fathers in families and rejecting the idea of dismantling traditional family structures.

Supporting the work (00:18:39) Ways for people to support and get involved in the work of Radiance Foundation, including workshops and sharing content.

The role of faith in mental health (00:21:24) Discussion on the positive mental health outcomes associated with abiding faith and the role of the father in creating a spiritual life.

Breaking the cycle of fatherlessness (00:21:51) Acknowledgment of the possibility to break free from the mistakes of absent fathers and the impact of fatherlessness on individuals.

Promoting fatherhood and family involvement (00:22:27) Encouragement to visit Radiance Foundation and support the mission to address fatherlessness; appreciation for the importance of fatherhood.

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