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Episode 111: Exploring Self-Esteem, Bullying, and Empowerment with Author Erika Archer

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Hey family! Welcome to another episode of The Corelink Solution. I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with the remarkable Erika Archer, a war veteran turned author. In our latest episode, we dove into the heart of her children’s book, “Allison, You Are Beautiful,” discussing the profound themes of self-esteem, confidence, and the trials our youth face today like bullying. I’m excited to share with you the insights and lessons from our conversation, which I believe are not only pivotal for children but for anyone grappling with self-acceptance.

The Genesis of “Allison, You Are Beautiful”: The Impact of Bullying

The journey of “Allison, You Are Beautiful” began with Erica’s own childhood experiences. She opened up about the bullying she endured due to her appearance and how it chipped away at her self-esteem. This personal struggle ignited her passion to help children understand their worth from an early age. Erika’s mission is to equip them with the tools to maintain the highest level of self-esteem possible, a message she beautifully weaves into her book.

The Art of Illustration and the Quest for the Right Publisher:

One of the most captivating aspects of our discussion was the significance of illustrations in children’s literature. Erika shared her quest to find an illustrator who could bring her vision to life, someone who could perfectly portray the essence of her characters. This search was not without its challenges, but it led to a fruitful collaboration with TBN for publishing. Erika’s story is a testament to the power of perseverance and staying true to one’s calling, even when faced with setbacks.

Confronting the Shadows:

Themes of Self-Worth and Comparison: Our conversation took a deeper turn as we explored the themes embedded in her book. Erika spoke passionately about the destructive nature of comparison, especially when it comes to appearances. Her book tackles this head-on, encouraging children to embrace their unique qualities. She believes that by doing so, we can reclaim the joy that comparison often steals from us.

The Impact of “Allison, You Are Beautiful”:

Throughout our interview, Erika and I discussed not only the process of creating a children’s book but also the powerful message it conveys. “Allison, You Are Beautiful” is more than a story; it’s a movement towards empowerment and self-acceptance. Erika’s hope is that her book will touch the lives of young readers, helping them to navigate the complexities of mental health and self-esteem.


My time with Erika Archer was nothing short of inspiring. Her dedication to fostering a world where children can grow up confident and secure in who they are is a message that resonates deeply with me. “Allison, You Are Beautiful” is a beacon of hope, shining a light on the importance of self-love and the courage to be oneself. I am grateful for the opportunity to share Erika’s vision with you all, and I encourage you to pick up a copy of her book for the young ones in your life. Together, let’s support the next generation in recognizing that they, too, are beautiful, just as they are.

Thank you for joining me on this journey, and until next time, keep seeking solutions that call to the heart of what truly matters.

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The introduction (00:00:10) James Rosseau, Sr. introduces the show and teases an interview with Erika Archer about her children’s book.

Erika Archer’s military service (00:01:32) Erika Archer discusses her experience as a war veteran and her transition to writing after leaving the military.

Challenges faced in childhood (00:03:47) Erika shares her personal experiences of being picked on in elementary school and how it impacted her self-esteem.

Publishing challenges and partnership with TBN (00:07:08) Erika discusses the challenges she faced with a previous publishing company and how she eventually partnered with TBN to publish her book.

Importance of illustrations in the book (00:13:57) Erika explains the process of finding the right illustrator for her book and the importance of illustrations in children’s books.

Overcoming challenges and addressing themes in the book (00:17:05) Erika and James discuss the challenges of pursuing one’s calling and the themes addressed in Erika’s book, including self-esteem, bullying, confidence, courage, forgiveness, and self-worth. They also touch on the impact of comparison on self-esteem.

Comparing Ourselves (00:19:54) Discussion about self-esteem and comparing oneself to others, emphasizing the uniqueness and beauty within each individual.

Journey and Success (00:20:57) Reflecting on personal journeys, success, and the different paths taken by individuals, highlighting the beauty of diverse experiences and achievements.

Building Self-Esteem (00:21:50) Importance of building self-esteem in young lives, relating it to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and the impact on self-actualization.

Impact of the Book (00:22:47) Erika Archer’s fulfillment in impacting children’s lives through her book, addressing the need for positive influence and self-esteem development.

Creating a Vision (00:25:54) The significance of creating a clear and compelling vision for career and life, emphasizing its role in focus, filtering, and sustainability.

Wrap-Up and Call to Action (00:31:37) Closing remarks, encouraging audience engagement and feedback, and inviting questions and comments for future episodes.

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