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Episode 114: Insights and Tips for Sharing Faith and Networking in 2024

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Are you an introvert? Or Independent Artist? Do you struggle with making authentic connections with people? Do you want to share your faith, but not sure how? This is the episode for you!

Sharing Faith in the Modern World

The first topic I tackled was the concept of sharing faith in 2024. In a world that’s constantly evolving, how do we keep our spiritual conversations relevant and impactful? Holy Culture, contributing writer Jananya Harrington, also known as J, penned an insightful article that serves as a guide for those looking to navigate this terrain.

Four Essential Tips for Sharing Your Faith

Four tips for effective evangelism:

  1. The Power of Prayer: J reminds us that prayer is a proactive force. We don’t need to wait for permission to pray for others; we can start interceding for them in our private moments, laying the groundwork for spiritual connections.
  2. Contextualizing Your Message: It’s crucial to relate the message of faith to personal experiences. By doing so, we create a bridge between our beliefs and the lives of those we’re speaking to, making the conversation more relatable and heartfelt.
  3. Trusting the Holy Spirit: This tip is about surrendering control. We must trust that the Holy Spirit will guide our words and actions, allowing for a more authentic and divine encounter when sharing our faith.
  4. Taking Action: Faith without works is dead, as the saying goes. J encourages us to put our faith into practice, demonstrating our beliefs through our actions and setting an example for others to follow.

The Art of Networking in Your Career

Moving on from faith, we dove into the practical world of networking. As someone who identifies as an introvert, I understand the challenges that come with stepping into networking situations. Here are some of the strategies I’ve found helpful in my walk:

Reframing Networking

I’ve learned to see networking not as a transactional ordeal but as an opportunity to forge genuine connections. It’s not about what you can get, but what you can share and learn from others. This mindset shift can alleviate the pressure and make the process more enjoyable.

Depth Over Breadth

It’s not the size of your network that matters, but the strength of your relationships within it. I advocate for active listening and seeking ways to contribute value to others. This approach fosters deeper connections that are more likely to bear fruit in the long run.

Choosing the Right Venues

Not all networking events are created equal. It’s important to select environments that align with your interests and where you feel comfortable. This could mean attending industry-specific events or joining groups that share your values and goals.

Maintaining and Routinizing Relationships

Networking isn’t a one-off activity; it’s an ongoing process. I recommend keeping in touch with your contacts, attending regular events, and integrating networking into your routine. This practice helps to normalize the experience and reduce any discomfort.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re looking to share your faith in a modern context or seeking to enhance your networking skills, The insights from this discussion provide you with some valuable guidance. Remember, whether in faith or career, it’s about making meaningful connections and living out your beliefs with conviction and authenticity.

Thank you for tuning in and see you next episode.  


Faith, Arts, Vocation, Education (00:00:10) The episode introduces and discusses the pillars of content programming for Holy Culture Radio, including faith, arts, vocation, and education.

Sharing Faith in 2024 (00:00:15) The host introduces the topic of sharing faith in 2024 and discusses the importance of prayer and contextualization in sharing one’s faith.

Quality Control in Artistry (00:03:10) A clip from the Temptations movie is played, highlighting the importance of quality control in artistry and bringing work to market.

Career Clinic: Networking Tips (00:05:30) The host provides networking tips, emphasizing the importance of reframing networking as an opportunity to connect with people, active listening, and maintaining relationships.

Conclusion and Interaction (00:16:26) The host encourages interaction and feedback from the audience, inviting them to share their takeaways and ask questions through various channels.

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