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Episode 76: Finding your community and purpose

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In the newest episode of the Corelink Solution podcast, Trig discusses the importance of “Finding Your tribe.”  He explains how your tribe is more than a group of individuals with similar interests.  It’s a journey that leads you toward your community and purpose.

How to Find Your Tribe

Here are some suggestions to help you find the right community for you. Have you ever thought about joining a church? Church has always been a great way to connect and mingle with other individuals. One thing Trig offers is getting to church early and taking a few minutes after service to introduce yourself. There’s nothing better than getting to know people who are on the same faith journey as you. The environment is often very welcoming with purposeful conversation.

In addition, you can also join a smaller group such as bible study. “Finding other people to break bread with and break open scripture with is huge”. This is highly suggested in finding your tribe. Another resource is online groups. Groups are created for different topical areas with a plethora of options.

However, be mindful that searching for groups requires intention. As Trig says, “you’ve got to be thoughtful in your search”.  This means to only join groups that you feel strongly connects to your purpose, faith or journey.

Groups to Consider

The third suggestion to think about is your co-workers. Do you know that majority of your time is spent with your co-workers? The average person spends roughly 2080 hrs. a year with people in their workplace. In that time, you can figure out who is a part of your tribe by being thoughtful in your approach. However, it’s also important to realize that not everyone will be included in your community. However, there are people who you can ultimately identify with.

Lastly, are professional associations. More likely than not, each profession has an association. Trig provides several different examples in the episode like engineering, plumbing, customer service etc. There are groups that are established in almost every industry waiting for you to join. “Pick a profession, enter that name in Google search, and then type association”.

Help Others Find Their Community

So many of our young people today are grappling with problems like identity and faithlessness. We’ve discussed in previous episodes about the challenges they face in competency in education. But the biggest challenge overall is figuring out how to help them. Tribes are not age-based or gender specific. Everyone needs a support system, a foundation that they can depend on.

“You’d love for them to have a place to call home, a place where they feel safe”.  Community is more than just people. Trig explains that finding the right tribe provides freedom in self-expression. It allows a person the comfortability to share their natural gifts and talents with appreciation. They are able to act in a way that God has designed them to be without having to make alterations.

A New Study

Furthermore, a recent Barna study on young teens conveyed a new perspective. The study suggested that young teens connect better with communities that have a cause. For example, church is a main entity that contributes to the growth of the younger generations.

Churches that are set up to help less fortunate families, racial injustices or any cause has received a lot of involvement from young people. This course of action is one of many solutions on how we can further assist our younger generations into finding their community.

“Young folks often need to see something. Something that shows them where I want to go”.  This quote stems from an article that Trig shares in the podcast about the education system and the teachers that are a part of it. He emphasizes the significance of students, particularly young students, seeing teachers that look like them.

Especially, with minorities being as though the percentage of schoolteachers of color were very low. This statement is not to point out an issue but another opportunity in front of us.

God creates community

God has created all of mankind to be in community. This phrase is not just a manmade quote but has been referenced in the bible. God explains in Romans 12 that each of us has one body with many members. In the body, each of these members do not have the same function.

The underline connotation is that everything works together for a common goal. The “members” may have to converse in order to understand how to function together. They are in alliance with each other and must operate effectively for the body to work well.

In addition, group identity has its benefits. Being a part of a group can help psychologically. It provides a place to have those healthy conversations while you are in that season.

Secondly, finding a tribe contributes to your purpose by helping to extend it. The amount of support that one gains from community is endless and serves you in many ways. Community creates a support system, balance and spiritual gain. “Do not diminish the need to be in a tribe to get that continued support”.

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