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Episode 79: Pure Flix CEO Michael Scott & the power of media

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Pure Flix CEO Michael Scott joins us for an in-depth discussion on the power of media and the journey it took to become a pioneer in faith-based media.

The Genesis of Pure Flix

Of course, Scott has a background in film, holding two degrees.  One in applied science and the other in theology.  After school, the preacher’s kid found work producing commercials.  “I saw the power of what thirty seconds could do.  You did the right commercial with the right hooks in it, it would motivate people to buy a taco.  Motivate people to buy an Apple computer.”

One of the things that Scott enjoys the most about his work is storytelling.  “The best commercials told a story.  It was an emotional connection.”  And that connection is amplified in television and movies because of their emotional roller coaster ride.  “The higher the highs and the lower the lows, the better the movie.”

The power of media

Understanding the impact of media, Scott was inspired to use it to spread the gospel.  “Jesus told stories in parables.  And the modern-day parable is movies and television.” Harnessing the power of media, Pure Flix is telling “incredible stories of faith, redemption, hope, love, and forgiveness.” All in an effort to draw people to God.

Scott wants the world to know that their content helps bring people closer to God.  “There’s so much dark content out there.  Whether it be language, sex, or violence.  Whatever it is.  We have a chance to be the light.  It’s amazing how you put a little bit of light in a room and it chases away the darkness.  And I hope that’s what our content accomplishes.”

Today we see the number of people who claim to be agnostic or atheists has grown exponentially.  And at the same time, we are witnessing a generation actively seeking purpose and wanting to know if God is real. 

“They’re asking all of these questions.  And sometimes they’re asking them outside the church.   They’re watching movies.  They are watching television.  They’re on social media.  We have to meet them where they’re at,” explains Scott.

Pure Flix and Sony Pictures

In 2020, Sony Pictures agreed to buy the faith-based streaming service.  Following the transaction, Pure Flix became a subsidiary of Affirm Entertainment, a sister company of Affirm Films.  The parent company as you may have guessed is Tokyo Electronics mega corp.

Although Scott says the merger went smoothly, he did have some concerns initially about whether or not it was aligned for him spiritually.  “I said I don’t know if this is what God wants.  He [one of his investors] said how do you know it isn’t what God wants?  I didn’t have any red flags but I was uncertain.  But God took it, he expanded it and it’s better now than it was before,” says Scott.


Navigating the entertainment business as a Christian is not the easiest of tasks.  How does the media savant do it?  “Understanding what God calls you to do and sticking with it,” says Scott.  “Hollywood can become a place of compromise if you don’t know what your values are.  Or where you’re going.  And sometimes you’re led astray by the fame and the fortune or whatever it might be.”

The truth is we can’t change Hollywood.  Instead, Scott says, “Let God do the changing.  Just follow God’s plan.  That’s the most important thing.”

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