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Episode 49: How To Make a Strategic and Energetic Transition with Dr. Xavier V. Bruce


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Have you ever found yourself drifting and wondering how you might make your way through?  You are not alone.  Whether it be jobs, relationships, or other situations, we often find ourselves waiting for heroes to show up, inappropriately believing that problems will subside.

After a 24-year military career, Dr. Xavier V. Bruce codified the lessons he used to guide his journey to help others, now published in his new book, Uplift Your Damn Self – A Black Veteran’s Guide for  In-Powerment.  8 Rules to Make a Strategic Energetic Transition.

Dr. X provides a three-point model, undergirded by eight rules to help identify areas that are not serving you, analyze your energy level, make a command decision, and forge ahead.  We discuss Dr. X’s “why,” the model, and each of the eight rules during this episode.


Dr. Bruce’s Bio

Dr. Xavier V. Bruce grew up in Lake Village, Arkansas, and completed his undergraduate studies from the United States Air Force Academy in May of 2000 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology. In 2004, he completed his Master of Business Administration in Information Systems Management from Wayland Baptist University. In 2011, Dr. X completed a Doctorate of Business Administration in Global Supply Chain Management from Walden University where he analyzed the impact of employee characteristics on the use of rational persuasion in group purchasing organizations. He became a Certified Professional Coach from the Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching in 2012.

Over the course of his 24-year military career, Dr. X served as a Healthcare Administrator and Supply Chain Manager. In May 2018, he and his wife founded Uplift Energy Coaching, LLC to help retired, minority military veterans thrive during their transition out of the military. In December 2019, Dr. X co-founded a nonprofit organization named Uplift In-Powerment, Inc. to specifically help female service members alleviate the pain points during their transition from military life to civilian life. He is happily married with 4 children and lives in Frederick, MD.

To Dr. Xavier V. Bruce

Also, be sure to get a copy of the SET Model via Dr X’s website.


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