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Episode 84: Juneteenth; A Testimony of Faith and Freedom with Rasool Berry

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Juneteenth: A Celebration of Freedom and Faith

Juneteenth, also known as Freedom Day or Emancipation Day, is a significant moment in American history that celebrates the end of slavery. In a recent podcast episode, Rasool Berry, a teaching pastor and the director of partnerships and content development with Our Daily Bread Ministries, shared personal stories and insights related to the significance of Juneteenth. He emphasized the need for acknowledging and addressing inherited issues, using the metaphor of a leaky ceiling or foundational problem in a house.

Rasool’s conversation with Trey Kennedy revealed the importance of understanding and acknowledging the history of Juneteenth and the experiences of Black Americans. Rasool shared his experience traveling to Galveston, Texas, to learn about the history of Juneteenth from the perspective of those who kept the story alive. He was surprised by how much these individuals knew about their family history and the importance of passing it down to future generations.

Multimedia impact

The conversation also highlighted the importance of creating multimedia content that engages people in different ways, similar to how people consume news and information through various mediums. Rasool explained that the Juneteenth documentary was an opportunity to reflect on the historical moment and spiritual truth through different forms of content, including a devotional, podcasts, an album, and a film.

Rasool’s takeaway on the faith journey of people during the time of slavery was inspiring. Despite the oppression and deception, they faced, they held onto perseverance and hope. Rasool drew inspiration from their faith and encouraged listeners to keep pressing forward, knowing that the same God who delivered their ancestors will continue to deliver them.

In conclusion, Juneteenth is a moment to celebrate freedom and faith. Rasool Berry’s personal stories and insights remind us of the importance of acknowledging and addressing inherited issues, creating multimedia content that engages people in different ways, and drawing inspiration from the faith of those who have gone before us. Let’s continue to celebrate Juneteenth and honor the history and experiences of Black Americans.

Watch the full documentary on YouTube.

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Juneteenth timecodes 

Segment 1

The significance of Juneteenth [00:00:48]
The hosts introduce the topic of Juneteenth and discuss its history and significance as a national holiday.

Rasool’s background and work with Our Daily Bread Ministries [00:01:34]
Rasool Berry talks about his role as a teaching pastor at The Bridge Church in Brooklyn and his work with Our Daily Bread Ministries.

Rasool’s childhood experiences and how they drive him [00:03:27]
Rasool shares personal stories about his childhood and how they still affect him today, driving him both in healthy and unhealthy ways.

The Bridge Church and Our Daily Bread Ministries [00:07:46]
Rasool Berry shares how he ended up pastoring at The Bridge Church and working with Our Daily Bread Ministries.

Multimedia Content Creation [00:09:03]
Rasool Berry talks about his role as the director of content development and partnership liaisons at Our Daily Bread Ministries and how he creates multimedia content.

Segment 2

The Documentary [00:11:03]
Rasool Berry and Trey Kennedy discuss the making of the Juneteenth documentary, including Raul’s expectations and what he learned from the experience.

The Myth of Juneteenth [00:17:43]
Rasool Berry debunks the myth that Juneteenth celebrates the delay in informing enslaved people of their freedom, and explains the reality of the Emancipation Proclamation.

Visiting a Plantation [00:21:01]
Rasool Berry shares his experience visiting a plantation for the first time and hearing Sam Collins describe the history of slavery in a sobering and clarifying way.

Segment 3

Repairing Our American Home [00:23:30]
Rasool Berry and Trey Kennedy discuss the metaphor of repairing a home as a way to understand the responsibility of each generation to address the historical path of slavery and racism in America.

The Call to Restore All Things [00:25:18]
Rasool talks about the biblical concept of restoration and how it relates to Juneteenth.

Interview with Senior Lady [00:28:05]
Rasool shares his experience interviewing a 96-year-old woman who was associated with the push for Juneteenth.

Group Watching and Soundtrack [00:31:24]
Rasool talks about how to host a group screening of the documentary and the importance of music in celebrating Juneteenth.

Faith and Freedom [00:32:37]
Rasool Berry talks about the Juneteenth Faith and Freedom project, which includes a variety of music genres and spoken word, and features artists such as Lecrae, Propaganda, and Reflect.

Segment 4

Faith Journey during Slavery [00:33:41]
Rasool Berry reflects on the faith journey of enslaved people who had to endure generations of slavery and the use of the Bible to justify their oppression.

Devotional [00:37:31]
Rasool Berry mentions a devotional available at that includes 10 days of reflections on the songs, film, and scripture related to Juneteenth.

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