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Episode 75: The Journey of Othneil Chambers Sr.

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In this episode, Trig interviews artist Othneil Chambers Sr where he discusses his journey of discovery through life experiences.

The Journey of Othneil

With producing for the likes of French Montana and the late Nipsey Hussle, Othneil has always had a love for music. He has not only been a major instrument in the journey of other artist but in his own journey to artistry. He explains that through his experiences and God’s love is when he recognized his love for music the most. “Just the simplicity of who God is, what He does, and what He can do if we’re surrendered.”

Additionally, he goes further into the inspiration behind his latest song “Tree”. This single was inspired from a Bible scripture, initially highlighted by his son on Othneil’s wedding day. This particular bible scripture was truly monumental through the construction of his song. “That’s all I need to do is stay close to God and be planted in His soil.” It was in this process that Othneil was reminded of God’s grace. Whenever he would stray away from the foundation, he knew he had to somehow find a way back to His soil.

Othneil’s recent project “How to be a Man, Vol.1” is outlining his discovery of what being a man in Christ means to him. The project is comprised of three songs that taps into his struggles with substances, pride and lust. He states in the episode, “I’m going through these experiences, but God is showing me what I need to do to become the man I want to be and who he wants me to be”.

How to break the cycle

In the depth of his struggles is when Othneil had the biggest epiphany. From the release of his song “Try” off his latest project, Othneil intended to actually try to break the cycle of stagnation. He realized that in order to elevate into the God created him to be, he had to deal with his own obstacles.

“Just when I put the pen down, I realized I’m free now”.  Even in his freedom, Othneil dealt with unwavering circumstances. However, through Christ and doing the work he was able to move forward. He continues to talk about what his process looked like in his discovery of the man he wanted to be. “Now because I’m with God, he has to take me through a process to become, I just have to go through the process”.

Furthermore, the discussion details how someone can break their own cycles. Particularly, Othneil emphasizes that ultimately, he is not in control. This realization is what helped him to make his most trivial decisions. It also taught him how detach from the outcomes of those decisions. The fact is that at the end of the day God is in control. Othneil believes that we are only here to experience the effect of God’s sovereignty.

Getting to the point of being in it and trusting are two essential takeaways from this topic. It’s the idea of having faith in what God is doing in your life. The guys talk about how faith is the true essence of surrender. And by trusting in His word, it’s easier to believe, it’s easier to Be.

Othneil Chambers’s Biggest Lessons

The last part of the interview, Othneil speaks on some of his greatest life lessons he has learned through his journey. One of those lessons is that life is a journey in itself. He further explains that one does not just arrive.  The arrival is in the decisions you make that’ll change the course of your journey forever. His overall advice is to think about where you want to go and the person you want to be.

For more exclusive updates on Othneil’s music, interviews and events please follow his on Instagram: @OthneilChambersSr . And visit his website at 

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