Episode 10: The Partnerships between the Community and Law Enforcement with Farrah Shelly


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Show notes

As U.S. citizens, we have a vested interest in understanding how our tax dollars go to work. On this episode, Farrah Shelly, one of the Atlanta’s finest police officers, joins me for a dialogue about law enforcement, a critical public service.

Farrah offers a transparent insider’s view including the immediate and long-term financial challenges of officers, cultural and philosophical difficulties within departments and her perspective on what we, as citizens, can do to assist.


Key Highlights

Farrah’s pathway into Law Enforcement [2:00]

Overview of some of the key challenges within law enforcement [4:00]

The changing demographics and mindsets among the officer base, as well as the financial challenges. [8:30]

How officers discuss challenging interactions as they show up in the media and deal with administrative policies and practices [15:00]

Advice Farrah would give to citizens and her asks of others in uniform [22:00]

The importance of doing community policing the right way [31:00]

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