Episode 13: Preparing for Your Window of Opportunity with Adam Thompson


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Show notes

Careers are not linear but tend to be a tapestry of sorts.  Whether in a corporate environment or as an entrepreneur, we must be prepared to capitalize on the opportunities presented.

With time spent in retail restaurant management and the military, Adam Thompson recognized that he wanted “more.” In his own words, he didn’t want to “trade time for money.”  During this episode, he shares his journey of discovery, preparation, and execution.

Key Highlights

The Entrepreneurial Journey started with what he learned from his parents [2:45]

The realization that he did not want to trade time for money [4:45]

Key personal development Influences that helped shape Adam [9:15]

How he finds his business opportunity [9:15]

How he evaluated the business opportunity [14:00]

How he achieved success so quickly within the first two years [17:35]

What he would tell the twenty-five-year-old Adam Thompson [19:30]

  • Read, use Audible if necessary
  • Set BIG Goals
  • Make the right acquaintances

Three personal development resources would he recommend [22:30]

  • The Power of Consistency – Weldon Long

  • The Slight Edge – Jeff Olsen

  • Piercing the Darkness – Frank Peretti

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