Episode 37: Learning at the Speed of Change with Bejoy Philip

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Most of us struggle to focus on personal growth and development during normal times, add to that a pandemic, unprecedented uncertainty, and social unrest, and it becomes nearly impossible.  We know change is constant, but how do you learn at that speed, let’s explore it.



About Bejoy Philip

Bejoy is a Talent and Organizational Development executive with progressive experience working with leading companies in both the financial and pharmaceutical industries. He believes the power of innovative culture, agile strategy, and modern leadership can change the game for teams and organizations.

A computer engineer, award-nominated hip hop artist, trained coach, writer, and HR executive, Bejoy believes in challenging conventional ways of working and embracing uniqueness in the workplace. He is also co-creator of BarsAtWork, an experimental content creation team that uses hip hop lyrics to convey leadership and professional development insight…what he calls “Lyrical Thought Leadership.”

Bejoy lives in PA with his wife, Juby, and two daughters, Gabriella and Grace. His favorite superhero is Wolverine, he loves rustic camping, and finally got around to watching the Mandalorian.

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