Episode 7: Three Keys on How to be a Business Owner with Kim Melia


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When you contemplate how to become a business owner, there are many things to consider from product to customer service and everything in-between.  However, how do you know what you, as the potential business owner, need to focus on most to give you the best chances of success?

I link up with entrepreneur Kim Melia, whom with her partners have created a multi-million-dollar company.  Now in business for over 20 years, Kim shares her journey, lessons and her THREE KEYS on how to be a business owner.


Key Highlights

Giving people their life back through entrepreneurship [2:00]

How she is introduced to entrepreneurship? [ 7:15]

Advice for new entrepreneurs [9:00]

  • Manage associations thoughtfully. Limit negative associations.  Add positive associations, even if they are associations, such as audio learning tools, etc.
  • When opportunity knocks, it knocks just once. So, let that door open, when it does because it means that others believe you’re ready even if you don’t believe you are.
  • You are not born “with it.” No regrets and no Mulligans, grateful for all of the struggles.  Leadership is developed over time and comes with the journey.
  • Be present, enjoy the journey as opposed to looking for the ”finish” line. Many times, people are focused on racing to the end and it is important to realize that the journey in and of itself is worthy of enjoyment.

Women leaders that inspire Kim [17:00]

What things often hold people back from starting their business [19:00]

Work, Play, Love in Guatemala [24:10]

Personal Development Favorites [29:30]


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