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Thank You ...

For your interest in being a guest.

This document will assist with your preparation for the interview.  I have tried to include answers to the questions to commonly asked questions.

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Overview of the Show

Where the show is heard

The show is broadcast weekly on Holy Culture Radio - SiriusXM Channel 140.

Select portions of the show are also added to the podcast.

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Description of the Show

Do you find yourself wondering where your career is going at times?  Feeling stuck in terms of how you might move forward?  Or even wondering what it all means?

Don’t worry; you are not alone.  Many, despite where they are in their career, feel the same way.

If the world were perfect, we would live the life of our favorite superheroes.  We would stumble upon our superpowers (our gifts and talents) and even goof around with them for a while with our friends, but ultimately, we would find the purpose for which we were given those superpowers.  We would even have a Yoda-like guide that helps us hone those superpowers as we work to fulfill that purpose.

While the world is not perfect, my guests and I will help you find your superpowers and hone them to fulfill your purpose.

The audience

There are three main avatars we focus on today.

Nancy "No Career Direction" Tillman:  Nancy is 29 years old, lives in Kansas City, Kansas, is single with one child, and has a Bachelor's degree in general studies.  She wants to identify her passion and direction, enjoy the work, and feel a purpose. She has a job; in fact, she has had several jobs but feels underutilized, uninspired, and unappreciated. She doesn't just want a job; she wants a career with purpose but has no idea how to choose what she should do next.

Marty "Accelerate my career" Anderson: Marty is 34 years old, lives in Chicago, Illinois, is married with one child, and has a Bachelor's in Finance.  Marty feels he has plateaued in middle management but wants to advance his career and elevate his stature. He's struggled with how to move forward, feeling everything is out of his control.  To him, success in work is equivalent to success in life, and thus failure in work amounts to failure in life.

Sue "Gravity" Greenberg: Sue is a budding entrepreneur managing a small business.  She feels the business can grow substantially but is not quite sure how to do it.  Her team is not engaged, as evidenced by a lack of demonstrated ownership, commitment, or aspiration.





Being Prepared For Recording

Video Quality

Video Quality

Video can be significantly improved based on the device you use.

Good: Mobile phones will work but typically limits your visual image on the screen.

Better: Wi-fi through a laptop or PC is a better choice.

Best: Further, while high-speed internet connections are available to many, there is a big difference between using a Wi-Fi connection to a laptop/PC versus plugging it on.  The former lends itself to period data transfer drops which can cause moments of latency or outage during video calls.  If possible, please plug your laptop/PC into your high-speed internet router.

Good: Open-air works fine depending on your device.

Better: A headset with a microphone works better as it tends to reduce unintended background noise and is more focused on your immediate voice.

Best: A microphone and headset combination is best as they are typically designed for applications such as this.

Audio Quality


The Day of the Recording

The Typical Flow of the Recording (Sections - example questions below)


Getting Linked Up (questions to help the audience get to know you)

  • Please share just a little bit about your journey.
  • Tell us one thing about you that people probably do not know about you.


Main topic

  • What is your "why" for doing this work?
  • What are some of the top issues you uncovered during your research?
  • What you are most excited about in terms of what you are doing today.


Wrapping up

  • How do you sharpen your saw and keep yourself fresh?
  • Tell me about a mentor who has made a particular difference in your career and how.
  • Let's recap some of the key takeaway points for people to remember? (3-5 points)

That's It!

I look forward to seeing you at recording time.  If you have any questions prior to, please be sure to email or call me at the contact information provided.  If you have not provided all of the information we need from you, a link to the form is below.