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Success On Your Own Terms Youth Program (SOYOT-YP)

Empowering youth to reach their potential by:
Developing their Passion, creating a network of supportive People, developing Plans for success, and embracing Philanthropy.

The Path to Empowering Our Youth

This program is focused on self-efficacy, building desire and belief, followed by a universal set of work and life skills that are transferable to any academic or work environment.

Expected outcomes include improved academics, higher graduation rates, and higher long-term career success rates.


A  Program Host will serve as our point of contact and can be a teacher, youth leader, club leader, or anyone who wants to organize a group to participate in the program.

A Program Host package is included.


The interactive program is intended for youth ages 13-19. The program consists of three sessions. Each session includes a warm-up activity, mini-lesson, workshop, and a formative assessment.


Through the SOYOT Youth Program, students will:

  • Develop their passion/purpose
  • Develop an informed plan for academic and career success
  • Use the provided tools to help them achieve academic and career goals 
  • Establish accountability and ownership

Program Materials

The program comes complete with participant workbooks and program host materials to get you started.

Let's get started

Provide us with your contact information and the size of your group and we will be in contact within three business days to coordinate program launch.

Do you have more questions?

You can use the contact form immediately above to send us any questions you have.