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Success Thought of the Day – 1/3/22

Clarity turns leadership movement into transformation. - James B. Rosseau, Sr.

Leadership is a difference-maker in every aspect of life. Leadership transcends problems, creates “best practices,” and invents what becomes cultural norms. However, you must have clarity; otherwise, you might just be moving in the wrong direction.

During a meeting several years ago, I was asked a question that stopped me dead in my tracks. “James, what will be your footprints in the snow – the proof that you were here?” While I had achieved a lot up to that point, I could not readily answer that question. For sure, my footprints had to be about more than developing and executing strategic plans, increasing revenues, or driving down costs. I am thankful that I moved forward, did the internal work, and answered that question.

As you launch in 2022, ask yourself two meaningful questions:
What are you driving toward personally? Your purpose, Your Why.
What are you moving toward professionally? Beyond the strategy, goals, and such, where are you going?

Doing the internal work to answer both of these questions set you up to lead in a transformational way.

Here’s to a new year full of living and leading with intent!


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