Success Thought of the Day – 6/27/19

Change is inevitable.  Growth is optional. – John C. Maxwell

While Uber hopping around New York today I was chatting with one of the drivers as I enjoy learning about people, their backgrounds and where they want to go in life.

One driver shared that he came to the United States six years ago and enjoys it more than his home country. Out of curiosity, I asked him why. He explained that in his home country, particularly within a large sect that dominates that country, there are social classes and specific rules that must be followed. The social classes are as follows:

– Class 1: This is the highest in the hierarchy. People in this class have access to everything and many things that the other classes do not.
– Class 2: This includes people who govern, military heads, etc.
– Class 3: This includes people that own and operate businesses.
– Class 4: This includes the workforce at large.

He noted the rules of how the hierarchy operates. You can fall backward, but you can not move upwards. As an example, you can be a #1 and fall back to #2 and beyond. However, whether you start in a lower class or fall back to it from an upper class, you are there and cannot rise up from it. So, if you are in class #4, that is it, that is where you will be. Those are the rules.

It was a sobering reminder to me of how blessed many of us are. Immediately, I felt:
– Thankful that I know my God given passion/purpose and can pursue it
– Grateful that while there are numerous barriers (visible and unseen), that my growth is lawful, the opportunities plentiful and the velocity driven by my pace.
– Prayerful that I constantly remember both points above.

Seize your uninhibited growth and success!

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With each decision and action, you build and shape your character. - James Rosseau, Sr.

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