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Success Thought of the Day – 7/28/21

There is no rescue plan that will save you from your thinking. You have to do that work. - James Rosseau, Sr

Stress tolerance is the threshold at which an individual can effectively and consistently deal with and manage stressful situations. We can show up better in stressful situations by moving away from self-defeating behaviors.

I understand self-defeating thinking. I went through years of not feeling that I had my father’s validation, chasing it, and then his disappearance. That was followed by being tossed out of Temple University after day one due to a lack of financial aid, a continuous string of “nos” to job applications, and then my father’s death. I spiraled downward a bit in my thinking.

I assumed I was the problem. And to a certain extent, it was true in terms of how I would process the “so-called” failure. I say “so-called” because if any of those things had worked, I likely would not be where I am now. I finally learned that my steps are ordered, that I have a clear purpose, and I began to pursue it.

There are three things I would offer you to shift in your thinking to show up differently.

Stop talking about what you don’t like, and begin talking about what you want to do and the dreams that inspire you.
Spend less time mulling over what has not worked and more time in gratitude about what is working – start with breath in your lungs, movement of your limbs, and the ability to “do!”
Spend less time concerned about things outside of your control and more time mastering the internal. Go deeper into your reservoir of God-given gifts and talents and focus on USING THEM.


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