Success Thought of the Day – 8/27/18: Move beyond fear

Feel the fear and do it anyway. - Susan Jeffers

The ability to move beyond fear is a powerful attribute.

It has often been said (and I am paraphrasing), it is not the just the destination that we have made it to that defines our success, but the distance from which we have traveled.  I would suggest a friendly modification – – we should also include the barriers and fears that we crossed during that journey as well.

To move beyond fear requires that we make a conscious choice

In order to move beyond fear, we have to make the choice that what stands on the other side far exceeds what stands in front of us.

As we move beyond fear,  we building more ability to do it

As it is with anything we do, practice makes perfect – – which of course speaks to why I am such a horrible golfer, but I digress.  Each time we take another step past our fears, we build more muscle memory.  In other words, it will become more natural.  Almost like a pattern:

  1. See and acknowledge it – what is the challenge?
  2. Size it – is this worth overcoming to reach my goal?  Yes? Continue to step 3
  3. Move past it.

So, now what?

I challenge each of us to look at our “to do” list – physically or mentally.  Are there any items on that list that continue to get delayed or moved back?  Could any of those items be related to our fear of dealing with them?  If so, pick one and go after it this week.

Go out and move beyond fear!

Have a great day!


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Management works in the system. Leadership works on the system. -Stephen R. Covey

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