Success Thought of the Day – 9/10/21

Be mindful. Be grateful. Be positive. Be true. Be kind.  ― Roy T. Bennett

These ten words are worth not only repeating but taking a moment to complete each sentence for yourself.  I’ll start.

  • I’m working to be mindful of everyone around me, conscious that perspectives are often relative to one’s context. 
  • I’m grateful for my health, family, friends, prayer partners, and so many that co-journey with me in various ways.
  • I consciously start each engagement with a positive point of view and, even in the most challenging situations, attack the problem, not the person.
  • I want to be true to my unique design as God has created it.
  • I am present to the fact that kindness bears no cost.  I want to give it freely!

Take a moment and jot down your thoughts on each of these as well. 

Unsubscribe from distractions. - James B. Rosseau, Sr. Have you ever opened your inbox and found yourself archiving or deleting numerous emails? Worse, doing the same thing day after day with the same emails? What once perhaps served a purpose no longer does. The good news is that you can “unsubscribe,” removing those distractions from entering your inbox. Even better, the power of “unsubscribe” works outside of your inbox. You choose what you let into your purview. Protect your space as you run your race. - James Rosseau, Sr.

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