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We are looking for volunteers

Since launching the organization in July, several have asked: “how can I help?”  Thank you so much for your interest.  Listed below are several open volunteer opportunities.

  • Podcast Producer: Oversee the workflow of the episodes of The Corelink Solution with James Rosseau, Sr., podcast from conception to final production of the weekly product.  This includes but is not limited to podcast interview scheduling, pre-production outlining, post-editing, transcriptions, blog updates, the creation of show notes, the creation of repurposed and micro-content and publishing.
  • Website Content Manager: Oversee the continued evolution of our websites with an extreme focus on our customer avatars, ensuring that content is well-structured, easy to find and that it meets the needs of our users by covering all necessary topics and being up to date and accurate. Content managed can include web pages, images, videos, blog posts, guest articles, podcasts, reviews and social media and marketing copy.
  • SEO Manager: Coordinate SEO efforts, including onsite and offsite optimization and keyword expansion research. Oversees paid search (Google AdWords) campaigns to ensure their success.  We are looking for an analytical and perceptive professional who is a skilled communicator and able to collaborate with various teams. Current knowledge of SEO practices and techniques is essential to this role.  Your goal will be to ensure that content is search-engine friendly and optimized to increase our company’s profitability.
  • Social Media and External Content Distribution Manager: Oversee the development and execution of a social media strategy that assists in the distribution of content, fans the flames, monitors and responds to conversations.  Further, s/he will create strong listening posts and engage in other conversations to raise the relevancy of our brand as well as seek out an understanding of what our target audience needs most for us.

*Websites:  All website roles refer to our three properties: (,, and

  • Analytics: This person will drive an understanding of the effectiveness of our efforts from end-to-end. More specifically, s/he will establish campaign level measurements for all content.
  • Instructional Designer: Improve upon our learning and practicing experiences to facilitate learners in acquiring knowledge, skills, and competencies in an effective and appealing manner.  This person will work to continuously improve our core curriculums, both in substance and innovative delivery.

Please email if you are interested in any of these opportunities.



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