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December 2020

Tell me and I forget; teach me and I may remember; involve me and I understand.  - Benjamin Franklin

Success Thought of the Day – 12/22/20

Leaders … when the people you lead truly understand your organization, the product and services you deliver, and your customers, their ability to contribute increases dramatically.  People can follow instructions, but for them to take the initiative in times of uncertainty or innovate when opportunities are present, they must understand.

Nothing is too small to know, and nothing is too big to attempt. - William Van Horne

Success Thought of the Day – 12/21/20

Time is precious. We each start the day with the same allocation. From there, psychologists estimate that we make more than 30,000 decisions each day. Make two big ones from the onset, and use your method of preference (e.g., sticky notes on your laptop, large post on your whiteboard, calendared time on your schedule, etc.) to remind you of them.

One, learn something aligned with your purpose; you will undoubtedly be bombarded by thousands of other things you will come to know by accident. Two, take another step towards your purpose.

The consistency of those actions will pay off.

Success Thought of the Day – 12/17/20

How we see the problem often is the problem.

As leaders, the most fundamental opportunity you have is to be the facilitator of talent. Each person you lead will have a crack. Your challenge is to see it as “the light,” which welcomes others’ complementary skills as you facilitate the creation of great teams.

Success Thought of the Day – 12/7/20

Gearing up to pursue your purpose should create some nervousness as it likely comes with a high level of uncertainty. While you have been blessed with gifts and talents, much is yet to be revealed. Set the course, stay on it, and keep those butterflies in check.

Success Thought of the Day – 12/4/20

Consider that many of our habits and behaviors, such as competitor benchmarking, are born out of institutional experiences. The context between institutional needs and your personal requirements could not be more different.  Ask yourself “why” often and adjust accordingly.