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Success Thought of the Day – 11/12/21

When you find fulfillment in the opportunity to serve alone, you have found treasure. When you can lead with the same mindset, you model world-changing behavior.

Consider “reaping’ gravy on top.  We may all want something different.  The good news is, what you put out, you get back, and it often comes from places that you least expect it.

Success Thought of the Day – 11/10/21

If you love on them, they are going to love on your customers.

Conversely, if they don’t feel any love, well …

Success Thought of the Day – 11/9/21

What would you do differently if you knew a stream of failures were simply milestones on your way to victory? [Read more in the post]

Success Thought of the Day – 11/8/21

In the pursuit of your purpose and goals, the things you do daily will determine the outcomes.  Consider what habits you need to keep, those you need to create, and those you need to replace, all in service of your desired results.

Success Thought of the Day – 11/4/21

Change often prompts fear.  However, going along to get along is short-lived at best.   

Let fear be the calling card that lets you know that great things are waiting for you.  Keep pushing forward.

Success Thought of the Day – 11/2/21

Only you can measure your success as only you know the distance traveled. – James Rosseau, Sr.

Success Thought of the Day – 11/1/21

How you view a situation will dictate how you act.  Perspective is everything.

For example, do you typically see the glass as half-empty (what is gone) or half-full (the opportunity that remains)?  [Read more in post]

Success Thought of the Day – 10/29/21

When you’re standing still waiting to merge, 55 MPH looks incredibly fast.   However, that perception changes once you merge onto the highway.

The same is true as you chase your purpose, and it will look like everyone is so far beyond you until you get into action.

Success Thought of the Day – 10/28/21

I had a little work to do while on vacation over the past few weeks as my wife and I celebrated over 25th anniversary. However, I didn’t mind, as I believe I am amidst my life’s work. The scenery didn’t hurt either! [Read more in the post]

Success Thought of the Day – 10/25/21

You don’t need anyone’s permission to pursue your greatness.

Whenever you stop short, ask yourself why.   Ask yourself if the “barriers” are real or perceived.

Success Thought of the Day – 10/21/21

If you want to execute, get the answers, learn the “how.”   If you want to improve or innovate, understand the questions that led to the answers. [Read More in the Post]

Success Thought of the Day – 10/20/21

“Scrappy” is an attribute associated with many bootstrapping entrepreneurs.  Their commitment to their passion and lack of resources allows their imagination to fill the gap and create solutions.

Don’t worry about what you don’t have; use everything that you do have.

Success Thought of the Day – 10/19/21

Colin Powell has always been one of my favorite people to quote. While reaching incredible heights, he maintained humility and never lost sight of the importance of people. #RIP

Success Thought of the Day – 10/18/21

Revisit the problem that burdens you the most. For a moment, forget rules, best practices, case studies, and even the luminaries that previously worked on the problem. [Read More in the post]

Success Thought of the Day – 10/14/21

Org charts would better portray leadership inversely printed with the leader at the bottom.

Leadership can be perceived as an authority from a distance. However, in the seat, leadership is serving others, helping them be their best, and collectively achieve the vision.

Success Thought of the Day – 10/13/21

Either way, you are going to spend time. You can proactively create or reactively unwind and revamp. 🤷🏾‍♂️

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