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5 Ways Learning Breaks Down the Barriers to Success

Do you feel stuck?

Professionally, personally, maybe even spiritually?

Have you spent nights awake, thinking of ways to break free?

Maybe you’ve thought of getting a haircut, working out again, or perhaps you’ve even contemplated getting a dog, anything that will get your mojo back. 

What if we told you learning could be the key to smashing through the barriers keeping you from success?

If learning can help your brain stay healthy into your golden years, imagine what it can do for the rest of your life?!

Can reading change the way you think? Does learning have the power to alter the world around you, and where do you start?

We will discuss this and much more!

Buckle up because today, we’ll explore five ways learning can give you a better and brighter tomorrow.

Let’s dive in!

5. Learning Strengthens Your Resolve

One of the main reasons why education is still worth pursuing is because of the life skills you gain in the process, but when broken down to its essential element, learning teaches you problem-solving skills.

Learning empowers individuals to formulate good decisions supported by sound opinions and backed by evidence. This educational foundation not only encourages independent thought but also allows us to make robust arguments, meaning we are not easily swayed off course and are able to more easily meet the goals we’ve set for ourselves.  

4. Learning Creates More Opportunities

Getting a job can be challenging when you are just coming out of school or transitioning between careers. But advanced learning in the way of certifications, licenses, and other degrees gives you a competitive edge over your peers.

Securing a good job then changes your income and all that comes with that: buying a home, having disposable income and even saving up for retirement. 

Learning is the gateway to what most would call a successful life

3. Learning Makes Better Leaders

Learning at its most impactful is done in a group setting. When forced to deal with people from different backgrounds, you develop emotional intelligence by becoming aware of your feelings and theirs. What’s more important is that you learn to navigate the nuances of settling conflicts that arise from such interactions.

Emotional intelligence is an essential quality of a good leader; it is a very sought-after skill in corporate America and has been linked as one of the critical factors to success. 

As a leader, not only do you have the power to control your environment, but you also have the ability to create positive cultures for others to operate in.

2. Learning Gives Back to the Community

Good leaders take care of their own, and that extends to the communities they live in. 

Educated people are more than twice as likely to volunteer, and they contribute 3.5 times more money to charity. Because their income is higher, they contribute over $510,000 more in taxes over their lifetime than those who just went to high school. Meaning, that their neighborhoods enjoy the benefits of government programs that affect those who need them most. 

In short, learning allows a few to care for the many.

1.Learning Equals Change

Learning can embolden. 

By giving us the tools to understand problems, gather evidence, and solve them- it provides us the framework to make good decisions and tackle all obstacles in our path.

Learning allows us to identify and confront biases, strive to level inequalities, and find solutions to injustice. And in turn, empower others to take up the cause as well- creating a chain reaction of change.

Easiest Ways to Keep Learning

We are at a fantastic time in history where technology has placed learning at our fingertips. 

Reading, for example, is the easiest way to continuously learn by allowing you to think beyond your current circumstances- exposing you to new perspectives on life, and birthing new wisdom. Your public library is a vault of knowledge that is underutilized and completely free, filled with volumes of all kinds; apps for your phone or tablet are also very affordable and deliver thousands of titles to your mobile device.

Self-education can come in many forms and puts the control of its course straight into your hands. Gaining new skills can be as formal or informal as you want or can afford. With so many online courses available to us, many of which are low cost, taking the time to pick up a new skill set can pay off in more ways than one. 

Making continuous education a viable option to many.

Knowledge is the Key to Success

Nelson Mandela once said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

In a time when all our worlds could use a little TLC, this quote should give us hope for the future.

Learning is the key to solving problems, both ours and of the world at large, and a way to rectify injustices that have long gone unchecked. 

It teaches us to understand others, think critically and be creative- all things we need to change our world. 

By embracing learning as a shared right and responsibility, we unlock the potential to break down barriers that have held us back. 

Mandela’s words remind us that knowledge is not just power, but the key to success paving the way to a brighter future for all. 

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