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60+% high school graduates lack proficiency in Math, Reading and Science.
85% of employees are currently not engaged at work.
Employee attrition is peaking at 25% on average.


Businesses & Entrepreneurs

Improve employee accountability and ownership for their career journey through your organization in partnership with managers. Increase engagement and reduce attrition.

Schools & Colleges


Increased Study, Improved School Attendance, Improved Academic Achievement, Continued Educational Advancement, and Improved Employment.

Career Seekers & Students

Corelink partners with career seekers and students to achieve their dreams and discover their life's purpose. Join the ranks of others who we have helped to realize their goals!

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Get your roadmap to advance! Whether you are an employer, educator, student, or career professional, master your goals with more precision with The Corelink Solution's help. You receive cutting-edge tools to help you with self-efficacy, building desire and belief, mastering core work and life skills. Here is what you can expect once enrolled....

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We deliver a program focused on self-efficacy, building desire and belief, followed by a universal set of work and life skills.



Meredith Haberfield

CEO, ThinkHuman

James has keen business sense, powerful personal leadership experience, is a great teacher and coach, a total combination that is extremely rare to come by.  He is facile with individual, interpersonal, and team development and sees that there's growth in every one of those dimensions.  He hones in on key developmental areas, balances care and progress, pushes back when it will make the difference, and keeps you focussed on moving the needle to cause real change.  And to top it off, he is a man and leader of high integrity and character.

Tino Chitiga

Assistant Director, Business Development - Kellogg School of Management

James Rosseau is a highly engaging speaker that brings the audience into the conversation. James spoke to our students about the fast-changing workforce, including the influx of millennials, innovation and several topics that resonated with our Executive MBA students.

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Eli Yaremenko

Director, Alliance Data

James delivered an outstanding presentation on how to build great teams for my cohort at Kellogg. What stood out for me was James' five inherent challenges that derail teams. I printed those out and now reflect on them daily. The impact was profound on both my professional and personal life.

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Darnell Self

Owner, Team NuVision

We were amazed at James' ability to speak to such a large organization as if he was speaking to them individually. We were also amazed at how he took the audience on an emotional roller-coaster. They laughed, they cried and they celebrated their small wins and their big wins.

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