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Episode 94: Unleashing the Power of Femininity in Christian Hip Hop: Tiffany Coleman McGee’s Journey

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A Conversation with Tiffany Coleman McGee: Faith, Femininity and Favor

I recently had the pleasure of welcoming a very special guest, Tiffany Coleman McGee. An internationally recognized recording artist, actress, author, and host of Ladies Night with Miz Tiffany on God’s House of Hip Hop Radio, Tiffany has an impressive resume that spans multiple facets of the entertainment industry. Get ready to be inspired as we discuss the power of femininity in Christian Hip Hop.

A Journey of Resilience and Passion

Tiffany’s journey in entertainment began at a young age, with her passion for writing poetry and her talent for rap. Influenced by iconic artists like Queen Latifah and MC Lyte, she began professionally recording at the tender age of 18. Despite facing a major setback due to a car accident that resulted in extensive internal injuries, Tiffany’s resilience saw her bounce back, continuing to pursue her passion for music, modeling, acting, and writing.

Her success, she attributes to staying humble and grounded, and receiving encouragement from God through dreams and promises. Tiffany’s journey also led her to join Mixed Bag Entertainment, a move that happened organically after she had built a name for herself in the industry.

A Lightning Round with Tiffany

In a fun segment of our conversation, I initiated a lightning round of questions, asking Tiffany about her preferences on various topics. From Android or iPhone to chocolate or caramel, and Jordan or LeBron, Tiffany answered each question quickly and confidently.

Advocating for Equality in Christian Hip Hop

Our conversation took a serious turn when we discussed a survey on women in Christian hip hop. Tiffany expressed her agreement with the barriers and recommendations outlined in the survey, emphasizing the need for inclusion and equal opportunities for female artists in the industry. She criticized certain platforms for practicing favoritism and not telling the full story of the Christian hip hop culture.

The Inspiration Behind “He’s Been Good”

We then shifted our focus to Tiffany’s latest project, “He’s Been Good.” She explained that the inspiration behind the album was to share her personal story and be more vulnerable in her music. The album features collaborations with artists like Emanuel FKA Da T.R.U.T.H., Myron Butler, Robert Curry, and Lady. I praised the depth and cohesiveness of the album, highlighting the importance of listening to it as a whole to fully understand the artist’s intention.

Tiffany’s Evolving Sound

When asked how she would describe her sound as a musician, Tiffany discussed her evolution as an artist and her desire to showcase her femininity and relatability. She explained that her earlier music had a hardcore gangster rap style, but she wanted to soften up and show different aspects of her identity, such as being a woman and a mother. She wanted others to be able to relate to her story and experiences.

Advice for Aspiring Artists

Our conversation also touched on advice for up-and-coming artists. Tiffany emphasized her transparency and willingness to share her knowledge and experiences with aspiring artists. She believes in helping others avoid the struggles she faced in her own journey. She encourages artists to be patient and not rush into certain platforms or opportunities before they are fully prepared. Building relationships, treating people well, and conducting business ethically are also important aspects she highlights.

Connecting with Tiffany

To connect with Miz Tiffany, visit her LinkTree and follow her on social media, stream He’s Been Good To Me and check out her children’s books on Amazon! Want to see her perform?

In conclusion, my conversation with Tiffany Coleman McGee was not only insightful but also inspiring. Her journey from a young poet to an internationally recognized artist is a testament to her resilience, passion, and talent. Her advice to aspiring artists and her advocacy for equality in the Christian hip hop industry are lessons that resonate beyond the realm of music. Do you or someone you know work with youth?  Sign up for my free Success on Your Own Terms for Youth program.  Let’s empower the next generation together.

Unleashing the Power of Femininity in Christian Hip Hop: Tiffany Coleman McGee's Journey


Miz Tiffany’s Start in Entertainment [00:01:20] Miz Tiffany talks about how she started in entertainment, from dancing on the table at home to writing poetry and eventually discovering her talent for rapping.

Awards and Groundedness [00:03:12] Miz Tiffany discusses the numerous awards she has received and how she stays humble and grounded despite her success.

Miz Tiffany’s Journey to Joining Mixed Bag Entertainment [00:05:20] Miz Tiffany shares the story of how she joined Mixed Bag Entertainment, starting from a moment of seeking guidance from God and receiving a calling to return to rapping.

The Lightning Round [00:10:20] Quickfire questions and answers about personal preferences.

Barriers and Challenges for Women in Christian Hip Hop [00:13:01] Discussion on the obstacles faced by women in the industry and the need for inclusion and equal opportunities.

Inspiration behind “He’s Been Good” Album [00:18:18] Tiffany shares the motivation behind her latest project, focusing on vulnerability and personal storytelling.

The evolution of Tiffany’s sound [00:19:50] Tiffany discusses how her sound has evolved from hardcore gangster rap to a softer, more relatable style.

The popularity of “Old Time Religion” [00:20:47] I express my love for Tiffany’s song “Old Time Religion” and discuss its catchy beat and powerful message.

Advice for up-and-coming artists [00:21:42] Tiffany shares her transparent advice for aspiring artists, emphasizing the importance of patience, building relationships, and waiting for the right time to pursue certain opportunities.

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