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83. Redemption vs. Recovery: A story of addiction, faith and perspective with Brother Wolf

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Addiction and Mental Health

In a world where addiction is prevalent, it’s important to hear stories of hope and redemption. Brother Wolf’s journey of overcoming addiction and finding purpose in helping others is inspiring. He shares how he had multiple arrests for addiction-related crimes and was misdiagnosed with bipolar and manic-depressive disorder. However, a spiritual awakening and seeking help led him to break the cycle of addiction and become a pastor of an organization that helps the broken and battered in their communities.

One key takeaway from Brother Wolf’s story is his preference for the term “redeemed” over “recovered.” He believes that recovery implies a constant struggle, whereas redemption means being made new and starting fresh. His analogy of a car with a windshield and rearview mirror is a great reminder that we have a choice of what to focus on while moving forward. Brother Wolf chooses to be brand new and redeemed.

Another important point Brother Wolf emphasizes is the theme of identity and how it relates to knowing who we are as men and women of God. He believes that we have forgotten the importance of being in a relationship with God and that following the laws should be designed to bring us closer to who we are created to be.

First Love Unbroken

If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, Brother Wolf’s organization, First Love Unbroken, offers events and support for those in need. Check out their website to learn more and register for their upcoming event.

Remember, redemption is possible, and seeking help is the first step towards a new beginning.

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Timecode references:

Introduction [00:00:01]
The hosts introduce the show and explain how the recording process works.

Brother Wolf’s background [00:02:08]
Brother Wolf shares his personal journey of addiction, multiple divorces, and his current work in family restoration.

Breaking the cycle of addiction [00:04:42]
Brother Wolf shares a quick story about how he broke the cycle of addiction after his previous wife cheated on him.

Brother Wolf’s spiritual awakening [00:05:34]
Brother Wolf shares his experience of talking to God and being shut down after cheating on Him.

Relapse and recovery [00:08:22]
Brother Wolf discusses the high relapse rate among addicts, especially when they are doing well, and the importance of mindset in recovery.

First Love Unbroken [00:09:34]
Brother Wolf explains his organization’s mission to serve and support the broken and battered in their communities, including counseling for marriages and addiction, and a new branch for wellness and wholeness.

Annual Event Details [00:11:27]
Brother Wolf shares details about the annual event, including a dinner for sponsors and supporters, live music, and speakers.

Importance of the Event [00:15:12]
The host emphasizes the importance of attending the event for those struggling with addiction and those who have overcome it.

Advice for Recovery [00:15:57]
The host asks Brother Wolf for advice on recovery and milestones in his journey, encouraging listeners to work through addiction and seek help.

Identity [00:16:30]
Brother Wolf talks about the importance of knowing one’s identity as a man or woman of God.

Soul Healing [00:17:26]
Brother Wolf discusses the need for healing wounds in the soul and how addiction can be a temporary band-aid.

Sponsorship [00:18:53]
The host encourages listeners to sponsor someone to attend the First Love Unbroken event for addiction and spiritual treatment support.

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