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92. Staying Relevant in a Changing World: ChatGPT AI and Church Leadership

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On this episode of The Corelink Solution, examine AI ChatGPT and its usefulness in the business world. We also continued the conversation about women in Christian hip hop and the marginalization they face. It’s a topic that’s close to my heart, and I believe it’s high time we address it. I encourage you all to visit the Holy Culture website to check out the survey results on this issue.

The Power of Faith: Reflecting on Scott Free’s Message

We also discussed a powerful post by Scott Free, the pastor of Crossover Church in Atlanta. Scott’s message emphasized the importance of Jesus being enough and not relying on anything else. I encourage you all to reflect on this message and surrender to God’s plan.

Leveling the Playing Field: Changes in Small Business Lending

In the episode, we also touched on the sweeping changes to the federal program for small business lending. These changes aim to provide more access to capital for historically marginalized entrepreneurs. It’s a significant step towards leveling the playing field and making financing available to those who have struggled to obtain it in the past.

Utilizing Technology Resources for Business Growth

We highlight the importance of utilizing available resources for growing a business. SBA loans, for instance, are a good option for funding as they typically have lower interest rates. The government’s intention is to invest in small businesses, and we should take advantage of this.

Small business development centers exist in every state, ready to help entrepreneurs write a comprehensive business plan. This plan should include elements such as a SWOT analysis, market analysis, and financials. These opportunities, including SBA loans and small business development centers, are invaluable in supporting business growth.

Staying Connected: The Importance of Current Trends and Technology

We also discussed the importance of staying connected to current trends and technology to remain relevant. A resource called “collabs” by Barner offers training on incorporating AI and technology into church leadership. It’s crucial for continuous learning and staying up to speed with what’s happening.

The Gospel Music Industry: Opportunities and Threats

We delved into the context of religious diversity in gospel music. Gospel music is primarily Christian based but can potentially appeal to people of other faiths. We also highlighted the industry’s heavy reliance on live events, which can be challenging to organize during unforeseen circumstances like pandemics or economic downturns.

We identified five opportunities for the gospel music industry, including digital platforms, incorporating modern elements, global market partnerships and collaborations, and diversification of subgenres. However, we also noted five threats to the industry, such as competition from other genres, changing consumer tastes, piracy and copyright issues, secularization, and financial risks.

The Power of AI: Using ChatGPT Effectively

Lastly, we discussed the use of ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence tool. Like operating a forklift, using ChatGPT requires learning the right questions to ask, the syntax, the depth of research, and the sequencing of questions to achieve desired results. It’s important to remember that humans must remain in the loop when using artificial intelligence tools, as understanding and context can only be achieved through human involvement.

In conclusion, our recent podcast episode was a rich discussion on faith, women in Christian hip hop, small business opportunities, and the power of AI. I invite you all to engage in these meaningful conversations and take action. Let’s empower voices, nurture growth, and make a difference together.

Thank you for tuning in, please leave a comment. We’d love to hear your thoughts.

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Staying Relevant in a Changing World: AI ChatGPTand Church Leadership


Women in Christian Hip Hop [00:00:52] Discussion about the marginalization of women in Christian hip hop and the actions being taken to address it.

Scott Free’s Post on Embracing Jesus [00:04:52] Discussion about a post by Scott Free on the importance of embracing Jesus and letting go of false idols.

Sweeping Changes to Small Business Lending Program [00:08:19] Discussion about upcoming changes to the federal program for small business lending, aimed at boosting credit to struggling small businesses.

Opportunities and resources for small businesses [00:09:30] Discussion on the availability of funds and SBA loans for small businesses, as well as the importance of having a good business plan.

Incorporating technology in church leadership [00:10:59] Exploration of the moral and ethical implications of using emerging technologies in church leadership and the importance of staying relevant.

Understanding AI and its applications [00:13:24] Explanation of the capabilities and limitations of AI, particularly ChatGPT, and its potential applications in various fields such as marketing, customer service, and business evaluation.

Religious diversity and gospel music [00:18:43] Discussion on the appeal of gospel music to people of other faiths and the challenges faced by the industry.

Using ChatGPT as a tool [00:19:50] Exploring the importance of learning how to effectively use ChatGPT and asking the right questions to get desired results.

ChatGPT as a starting point [00:20:53] Highlighting that ChatGPT is a useful starting point for research but not the final solution, encouraging listeners to embrace technology and understand its limitations.

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