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Episode 11: Making Your Net Work: Mastering the Art and Science of Career and Business Networking with Billy Dexter


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Networking plays an important role in many aspects of our lives, particularly our careers.  However, many of us struggle with how to do it.  In this episode, you will learn three key principles of how to be a more effective networker.

My good friend, Billy Dexter, a partner at Heidrick and Struggles, author and speaker, joins me.  We discuss his journey and his new book, Making Your Net Work: Mastering the Art and Science of Career and Business Networking.

Three Key Take-Aways

  • Takeaway #1: Making great connections. Before focusing on “networking,” focus on genuinely making great connections with people.  Be human.
  • Takeaway #2: Have a plan and understand the process. Be strategic and have a plan when it comes to networking.  It is much bigger than something you do weekly at networking events or sporadically.   Billy underscores the point that each of us “walks into and out of different networks all throughout our day.”  From meeting to meeting, elevator to elevator, from lunchtime at work to the gym after work.  We must leverage those opportunities by being planful, prepared and readily engaging.
  • Takeaway #3: Learn the philosophy. You network to give, not to get.  In taking this approach, you will reduce some of the pressure you will and find significant returns as others do for you, without you asking in many cases.


Billy’s New Book!

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