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Episode 20: What to do and What to Avoid in Your Career Transition with Beth Albright


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Beth Albright is a former CHRO (Chief Human Resources Officer) who has helped many people in their career transitions. She recently made a transition of her own; leaving her c-level position to move into philanthropy and volunteerism.

She shares incredible insights from her personal experiences. She also provides the perspective of an organization that is working to support and empower their workforce.

Beth explains how to find the common thread in your work to be able to focus on what really matters. It’s not just about job titles or experience and it’s something we can best do for ourselves.

Beth shared advice received early in her career that helped her when it was time to begin thinking about her own transition. It’s simple and effective, and you’ll find it helpful too.

A key tip: Broaden the conversations about your transition so you can develop a plan.

Beth and James talk about what those first steps are, and how you can get through the process in a way that works for you, your family and your employer.

It starts with your mindset. Begin thinking about what you’ll need to transition. Beth shares 3 key questions that will help you create your plan.

Her transition has opened doors for new opportunities. As she explains, when you are clear about what energizes you, it’s easy to find new things to fulfill that passion.

A key piece of advice: remember what you loved, what really energized you when you were a teen. Hear how this can be the best way to creating your next step.

After you recognize what you want, how do you make that happen? How do you create the plan? Think of it as evolving to the next part of your life. Beth shares 9 key things you can do to prepare. Most of all, she explains how to advocate for yourself even if your company isn’t always providing you opportunities for growth.

There are also some do not do steps as well!

James and Beth discuss transitions from the CHRO perspective as well. What can organizations do better?

What is the new social contract and how does that change the way your career path may unfold? If you are in the corporate world looking to move up or make a change, this part of the conversation will be a huge help.

Beth covers 3 key things you can do to improve your situation where you are now or to position yourself to pivot to something new.

A Key tip: Cultivate and grow your network.

The biggest resource you have is your own courage.

What if you’ve found your dream job? Beth covers that too! Be sure to get her tips for longevity and security.

Beth’s final advice: Let go in the creases.

A transition may provide the opportunity for moments to let go, so embrace the opportunity and use the steps outlined in this episode to make your career work for you.



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