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Episode 41: Five Proven Ways To Improve Employee Engagement with Christine J. Quinn


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As leaders, we all fight for growth against a multitude of headwinds.  However, certain things are closer to our circle of control than others.  Employee engagement is one of those things.  Christine J. Quinn, Ph.D., joins me in this discussion, highlighting the tried and true methods and acknowledging what leaders must do differently to drive results during these challenging times.

About Christine
Christine J. Quinn, Ph.D., is a certified executive and team coach, a motivational speaker, and an organizational development expert who works with entrepreneurs and senior and mid-level leaders of mid- to large-sized organizations. She is a lifelong learner of employee engagement, understanding the research, and applying it to co-creating high performing teams.

Christine brings fresh, practical perspectives to organizations. She will empower you and your team to unleash your talents, achieve success, and be fulfilled. Christine has over 25 years of leadership experience and has held several senior-level leadership positions. She is the CEO of Christine J. Quinn, Inc.

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