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Episode 8: Forces that Drive Social Change with Tim Jones


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Each year, more than 80,000 people face homelessness in the City of Chicago alone.  While there are provisions in place to help, the challenge persists.

On this episode, I am linking up with Tim Jones, who serves as the Executive Director of Good News Partners, a housing continuum that provides affordable housing to the homeless in Chicago, serving over 500 residents a year.  Tim shares insights relative to the growing homeless population and some of the root causes – – all of which provides a microscopic view in of a much larger problem across the U.S.

Key Highlights

Tim’s introduction to “giving back” [2:00]

  • Born into a heritage into community leaders.
  • Grandmother helped start Operation Breadbasket, now known as Operation Push
  • Growing up in the midst of Acorn meetings in the Living room.

Good News Partners [3:40]

  • Working towards ending homelessness in the City of Chicago
  • They provide affordable housing to people who would otherwise be without housing with rents set at 30% – 50% below market rate
  • About 84,000 become homeless each year in the City of Chicago

Tim Jones the Motivational Speaker [9:15]

  • Seeing a need for more positive influences
  • Pushing through initial reluctance
  • Acknowledging misplaced authority given to others to elevate him or not and taking back that authority

Tim’s Habits to stay fueled up [13:30]

  • Prayer and Meditation
  • Works out regularly
  • Monitors nutrition
  • Keeps a “Read, Watch, and Listen” list
  • Stopped watching the news 6 months ago

Personal and Leadership Development – Book Favorites and other ways he stays motivated [16:00]

Take-Away Items

  • The needs around us relative to those in disadvantaged positions are great and continue to persist.
  • If you want to make an impact within the community, there are several ways to do it: monetary donations, in-kind services or volunteerism.
  • You must own your career-life and journey. As Tim shared through his story and realization, “it cannot be placed in any organization’s hands,” we, as individuals, must own our futures.

For more information on Tim Jones and his efforts


Please leave a comment below:  What is your take-away item?  Do you have any additional questions for Tim?

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