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Episode 19: Recruiting and Job Search Strategies for Today’s Employers and Employees with Expert Recruiter Dom Vacca


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Finding the best talent or finding your dream job is on the agenda in today’s podcast. Dom Vacca shares from his nearly 40 years of experience recruiting, and consulting. He didn’t hold anything back.

He outlines what leaders are looking for today and it’s not about skills and experience. It’s about values. He details 6 specific things that will set you apart from others looking for the perfect position. He also breaks down 3 things to not do, so be ready to take a few notes. His insights may surprise you because the word resume or CV didn’t make the list!

If you’re in charge of hiring or own a business, how well can you explain the company values? Dom explains why it’s a game-changer when hiring the best talent for your organization.

You’ll be inspired to look at taking risks differently when you hear how it can benefit you. It’s not about doing something crazy. Dom explains why the people who understand how to recognize opportunities that don’t have a guaranteed outcome can end up putting you in the best situations, personally and professionally. It’s about recognizing growth and being the person to move forward when others play it safe. Dom’s own experience will inspire you to look at risk differently.

This episode is for you if you’re looking for the next opportunity or if you’re happy where you are. Dom and James outline how to connect with a recruiter and why the best time is right now. Even if you’re doing work you love at a company that values your contributions.

Lastly, make sure you hear the number one missing skill in today’s market. You may find an opportunity here after hearing James and Dom explain why it’s going to continue to be in short supply.


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