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Episode 24: Leave Your Mark with Aliza Licht


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James talks with Aliza Licht the author of Leave Your Mark: Land Your Dream Job. Kill It in Your Career. Rock Social Media.

Aliza shares her personal story including her incredible career at Donna Karan. She explains why she left to pursue her own consulting company and why she ultimately shifted back to a corporate position.

Land your dream job.

Get the 4 key components for setting up a successful career. You can apply these strategies in a job search or if you’re looking to move to another position at your current company.

Kill it in your career.

Aliza explains that your salary is what you get for doing your job. Killing it means exceeding what’s expected. Use her methods to set yourself apart from your peers and co-workers. Tip: Documentation over conversation. Listen and find out how this can help. Don’t miss the one thing not to do if you care about your career long term.

Rock social media to elevate your platform.

This may surprise you. As the manager of a large brand social media presence, Aliza’s advice may feel counter-intuitive. Follow the anti-formula that she used to huge success. Why in the moment matters more than perfect production.

Creating the brand of you.

What do people think about you? What message are you sending? Aliza demonstrates how to create your brand with the answers to these questions in mind.

James and Aliza break down the basics for being a connector and a person of influence. Find out how you can become the person that people remember and turn to when there’s an opportunity.

You can get Aliza’s book here.

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