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Episode 82: How Can Faith Empower Public Service? Senator Pastor Raphael Warnock and Army Staff Sergeant Lamar Riddick share their stories.

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In this episode of The Corelink Solution, we have two amazing guests, Lamar Riddick and Senator Reverend Raphael Warnock, who will be discussing faith in public service. Our goal is to empower you with awareness and actionable insights, so let’s dive in.

Lamar Riddick, faith at work

Lamar Riddick, a musician and rapper, shares his journey as a believer in Jesus and how he is continuing his ministry with Christian rap while serving in the military. He emphasizes the importance of being educated and taking down the facades that the industry has put up for artists. The Army Staff Sergeant also talks about the challenges of taking one’s faith with them in the workplace and shares valuable life lessons he has learned.

We also discuss the importance of trusting the Lord’s process and being prepared for opportunities. We also look at the potential dangers of becoming too dependent on AI in art.

Pastor and Senator Raphael Warnock

Senator Reverend Raphael Warnock discusses his work in the Senate as an extension of his ministry and emphasizes the importance of holding pharmaceutical companies accountable. He also talks about his work on the Affordable Insulin Now Act and the need to make insulin affordable for everyone.

I encourage you to listen to the full episode to hear more about Lamar’s inspiring story and Senator Warnock’s impactful work in the Senate.

Thoughts on the episode? Please leave us a comment. We want to hear from you.  Follow us on Twitter @JamesRosseauSr and @TheCLSolution to stay connected! Do you work with youth or know someone who does? Click the link to for more information about our Success On Your Own Terms Youth Program.

As always, stay informed, empowered, and accountable.

Faith in Public Service [00:00:00] The host introduces the episode and predicts that the conversation will be about faith in public service.

Lamar Riddick’s Journey [00:02:13] Lamar Riddick talks about his journey as a musician and rapper who recently joined the US Army.

Empowering Independent Artists [00:05:18] Lamar Riddick discusses his experience leading a workshop at the Flavor Fest conference and the need for independent artists to be informed and educated about protecting themselves and their business.

The biggest void [00:06:44] Lamar Riddick talks about the biggest misconception in the music industry and how being educated and taking down facades can help artists achieve their goals.

Positioning your talents [00:08:30] Lamar Riddick shares his testimony of how he positioned his talents to get closer to his vision and how mentorship helped him develop his craft.

Lightning round [00:11:23] Lamar Riddick participates in a lightning round where he answers various questions about himself, including his favorite CHH artist and useless talent.

Senator Warnock’s Ministry [00:13:58] Senator Warnock talks about his ministry and how it influences his work in the Senate.

Affordable Insulin Act [00:15:03] Senator Warnock discusses his work on the Affordable Insulin Act and the need to cap the cost of insulin for people with insurance and those without.

Rationing Insulin [00:18:12] Senator Warnock talks about the dire situation of people rationing insulin and the need for the bipartisan bill to help control the cost of insulin for everyone.

Taking Faith to Public Service [00:22:45] Lamar Riddick and the host discuss the importance of taking faith with you in public service, even if it means being unpopular.

Adjusting Your Strategy [00:27:31] Lamar Riddick talks about the importance of adjusting your approach to sharing your faith based on the individual you are speaking to.

Being Yourself Within Jesus [00:29:06] Lamar Riddick and the host discuss the importance of being yourself within your faith and not hiding behind the Bible as your entire identity.

Don’t be so heavily minded [00:30:41] The host and Lamar Riddick discuss the importance of not being too heavily focused on religion and being personable with others.

Giveaway announcement [00:31:24] The host announces a giveaway for Brinson’s signed album and vinyl copies in celebration of the God Chasers documentary.

Lamar Riddick’s lessons learned [00:34:06] Lamar Riddick shares his three biggest lessons learned, including listening to parents, spending time on your craft, and consistency.

Tools in their Proper Place [00:36:57] The host discusses the importance of recognizing tools as a utility and putting them in their proper place, using examples from history and music production.

Adapting to Change [00:39:08] The host shares his experience with a difficult transition time during a company merger and recommends the book “Who Moved My Cheese” as a tool for embracing change and using tools to navigate it.

AI in Music Production [00:41:16] The guest, Lamar Riddick, discusses the benefits and potential drawbacks of using AI in music production, including the ability to create vocal output and supplement lyric writing.

Concerns about AI in art [00:44:06] The speakers discuss the potential risks of using AI in art and the ethical implications of duplicating human emotions and voices.

Using AI as a tool, not a substitute [00:44:55] The speakers talk about the importance of using AI as a tool rather than a substitute for human creativity and responsibility.

Preparing for Father’s Day [00:48:33] The host reminds listeners to prepare for Father’s Day and show love and appreciation for their fathers, emphasizing the importance of thought and attention rather than the value of the gift.

Multiple Streams of Income [00:50:33] Lamar Riddick talks about his three sources of income and encourages listeners to trust God and be patient.

Encouragement to Trust God [00:51:23] Speaker encourages listeners to trust God and be patient, even when things are looking down.

Upcoming Events and Donations [00:52:45] Speaker provides information on upcoming events and how to donate to the nonprofit organization.

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