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90. Building Bridges: Fostering Inclusion and Equality for Women in Christian Hip Hop

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On this episode of the Corelink Solution, I share the results of our Women in CHH survey in an attempt to ensure inclusion and equality within our community and on the Holy Culture platform.

The Survey: A Snapshot

The survey results we’re discussing today have been summarized on our website. I encourage you to visit and read the summary for a comprehensive understanding. In this episode, we’ll be focusing on three key areas from the survey.

Also, stay tuned for our upcoming segment, the “Career Clinic”, where we’ll discuss job searching strategies, including the concept of building with bricks.

Before we dive in, I want to mention the AARP job board, a great resource for experienced individuals looking for opportunities.

The Survey Analysis: Unveiling the Truth of Inequality.

The survey analysis was done by Janaya Harrington, a Christian freelance writer. The survey reveals that women in Christian hip hop are using their talents to spread the good news, but they face significant challenges.

Three trends surfaced from the survey. The first is the lack of content from women in Christian hip hop. Some artists have been found lacking in lyrical prowess. The second trend is the contentious issue of women’s roles in the church. Some still believe that women should remain silent or that music should stay in the domain of men. The third trend is the lack of respect that women artists feel in the industry. They often feel undervalued and unseen, with their talents being seen as a symbol of progressiveness rather than a platform to amplify their voice.

Recommendations for Inclusion: A Path Forward

The survey respondents recommended more inclusion of female artists in the industry, including more airplay, featuring them in songs, and having more women on tours and shows. They also suggested mentorship programs to help women navigate the industry.

Marginalization: A Closer Look at Inequality

Marginalized groups, such as women, people of different sexual orientations, individuals with disabilities, and those from indigenous and racial minority backgrounds, are often treated as less powerful and pushed to the margins of society.

Statistics from a survey highlight the challenges faced by women in the workplace. A significant percentage of women experience non-inclusive behavior at work. Despite companies talking about diversity, equal opportunities are not always provided. Hispanic, Black, Asian, and Latina women face specific challenges, such as microaggressions and lower promotion rates.

To address these issues, we need to emphasize the importance of allyship. We need to pay attention to our words, think about the experiences of marginalized groups, and be open to correction.

The Value of Every Individual

I recently had a conversation with someone who questioned the value of certain individuals on my team. It made me realize that every person is valuable and important in God’s kingdom. The only question is where they need to be placed in the building of what we are constructing.

Upcoming Events and Opportunities

I want to remind you about upcoming events and opportunities for growth and fellowship. I encourage artists to submit their music and videos to Holy Culture Radio. Remember, community is important, and iron sharpens iron.

Closing Thoughts

I invite you to share your takeaways from this episode and encourage you to ask questions or provide feedback through our website or social media channels. I’m grateful for your support and look forward to our next episode.

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Building Bridges: Fostering Inclusion and Equality for Women in Christian Hip Hop


The state of women in Christian hip hop [00:01:53] Janaya Harrington’s summary highlights the use of women’s voices as beacons of faith and raises questions about their visibility, success, and support in the industry.

Findings and barriers in the survey [00:04:00] The survey reveals that female emcees are underrepresented compared to their male counterparts, and highlights barriers such as marketability, gender bias, and the need for more nuanced support for women’s needs.

Sexual misconduct as a barrier for label signing women [00:08:18] The possibility of sexual misconduct is seen as a barrier for labels signing women, and the responsibility to create a safe and respectful environment while on tour is emphasized.

The barriers, challenges, and trends [00:10:26] This segment discusses the barriers, challenges, and trends faced by women in Christian hip hop, including the lack of content, women leaders, and lack of respect.

Recommendations for moving forward [00:16:30] The recommendations highlighted in the survey include the need for inclusion, mentorship and discipleship, and the creation of an all-female space in the industry.

The importance of the survey and future opportunities [00:19:43] This segment emphasizes the importance of the survey and the need for collective action to support women in the Christian hip hop industry, highlighting the opportunity for growth and empowerment.

  • Marginalized Groups [00:21:08] Discussion on the concept of marginalized groups and how women are often marginalized in society.

  • Statistics on Workplace Inequality [00:22:15] Sharing statistics on non-inclusive behavior, diversity in the workplace, and promotion gaps for women and women of color.

  • Recommendations for Allyship [00:24:24] Suggestions for allyship, including being mindful of language, accepting correction, confronting intolerance, and seeking out marginalized voices and perspectives.

The analysis of self and valuing every person [00:31:35] Conversation about valuing people and analyzes his own perspective. Emphasizes the value of every person in God’s kingdom.

Promoting events and opportunities for growth [00:32:33] The call for listeners to participate in upcoming events, contribute to the nonprofit organization, and submit their music/videos to Holy Culture Radio.

Encouraging feedback and engagement [00:33:50] Invitation to listeners to share their takeaways, ask questions, and provide feedback through the website or social media channels.

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