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Episode 88: Deconstructing Racism: Dr. David Anderson’s Gracism, The Art of Inclusion. 

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Are you ready to dive into a powerful conversation about racism; extending grace and building unity? I have a very special guest on the podcast today, Dr. David Anderson, the founder and president of Gracism Global. He’s known for his incredible work in bridging racial, cultural, and socioeconomic divides, bringing hope and healing to communities around the world.

From Racism to Gracism

Dr. Anderson shares a personal challenge he faces as a pastor of a diverse church, emphasizing the importance of being a leader who is ahead but not alone. We then delve into his book, “Gracism: The New Edition,” where he explores the concept of unity within diversity. He sheds light on a key point in 1 Corinthians 12 that often goes unnoticed – the mention of race, color, and culture. Reading this passage through the lens of race and culture brings a whole new understanding to the idea of unity.

We discuss the eight principles Dr. Anderson presents in his book, which he calls the “eight sayings of a racist.” These principles offer a positive solution to the negative problem of racism. We also touch on the importance of empathy and understanding in building unity and solving problems.

Dr. Anderson shares examples of well-intentioned missionary groups who failed to understand the needs and culture of the communities they were trying to help. Building relationships and partnerships based on understanding and empathy is key.

Dr. Anderson highlights the power of unity and the possibility of achieving it, even in a polarized world. We wrap up the conversation by emphasizing the importance of addressing divisions and helping the weaker or minority groups to achieve true unity. As Dr. Anderson says, “If the majority and stronger individuals do not assist those in need, it will lead to division and resentment.”

Now, I know you’re intrigued and eager to hear more from Dr. Anderson. So, I encourage you to play the podcast episode and be inspired by his wisdom and insights. Let’s learn how we can extend grace and build unity in our own lives and communities.

Remember, unity starts with understanding and empathy. Let’s make a positive difference together!


In our AARP Career Clinic we discuss the importance of mentorship and sponsorship in career development. I share a personal story about someone who faced a challenging situation at work and how mentors and sponsors played a crucial role in their growth and advancement.

I also share the benefits of a diverse set of sponsors, especially for individuals from marginalized or minority groups. It’s not just about having mentors who understand our journey, but also about having advocates who can actively promote our growth and create opportunities for us.

So here’s my takeaway: let’s not only focus on our own career development, but also think about how we can be mentors and sponsors for others. We all have the power to make a difference in someone else’s career journey. Let’s share our knowledge, provide guidance, and create opportunities for those who might not have the same privileges or opportunities.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this episode! How do you celebrate with others, even when it may cause personal pain? And who are the mentors and sponsors who have made a difference in your career? Let’s keep the conversation going and make a positive impact together!

Do you or someone you know work with youth? Sign up for free for my Success on Your Own Terms youth program. Want to support the work? Make a one-time donation or shop our online store today. Until next time family, be empowered, be inspired and be accountable.

Timecode Reference

The importance of extending grace [00:00:10] Exploring the concept of extending grace and the need for a deeper understanding of what it means.

Dr. David Anderson’s work and expertise [00:00:10] Introduction to Dr. David Anderson, founder and president of Gracism Global, and his extensive work in bridging divides of race, faith, culture, and wealth.

The inspiration behind the book “Gracism: The New Edition” [00:01:57] Dr. Anderson discusses the inspiration behind his book, which stemmed from reading 1 Corinthians 12 and discovering the underlying principle of unity within diversity.

The identification of a person who needs to be lifted up [00:08:31] Discussion on the importance of asking individuals how they need support instead of assuming what lifts them up.

God’s grace as a solution to racism [00:09:25] Exploration of how God’s grace can be applied to solve the problem of racism, with examples from biblical verses.

Presupposing solutions vs. empathetic understanding [00:10:14] Highlighting the importance of empathy and understanding in healing, rather than imposing solutions on people without considering their perspectives.

The importance of standing with others [00:17:47] Discussion on the need to stand with others, even if it comes at a personal cost, to create unity and bridge the gap of inequality.

Using privilege to help others [00:18:43] Exploration of leveraging one’s platform and connections to support those who may be disadvantaged, using the example of helping a woman buy a car.

Sharing networks and knowledge [00:22:52] Emphasis on the importance of sharing networks, experiences, and knowledge with others to help them navigate unfamiliar territories and succeed.

The ministry of reconciliation [00:27:10] Dr. Anderson discusses how every believer has been given the ministry of reconciliation according to 2 Corinthians 5.

Unity and possibilities [00:28:07] The book being discussed is about unity and possibilities and provides practical actions to promote unity.

Importance of mentorship and sponsorship [00:32:04] The importance of mentorship and sponsorship in career development and overcoming challenges, such as the glass cliff, is highlighted.

The importance of networking and sponsorship [00:33:12] The importance of networking and sponsorship in career advancement, and shares a personal example of how sponsors helped someone get promoted.

The need for diverse sponsors [00:34:10] The importance of having a diverse set of sponsors who can advocate for you in critical moments, and encourages listeners to not only have mentors who look like them.

Being a mentor and sponsor [00:36:13] The importance of actively promoting someone’s growth, providing access to opportunities, and advocating for their career advancement.

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