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Episode 93: Why Are People Leaving the Church? Exploring the Reasons Behind the Exodus

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In this episode, we delved into some exciting topics including why have 40 million Americans have stopped going to church and the 5 stages of our career journey.

We started by continuing our discussion on women in CHH. We’re launching a new initiative called “50 Women You Need to Know in CHH” to celebrate women in Christian hip hop. We conducted a survey and found that these women need more exposure. So, we’ve created a Spotify playlist and will be highlighting one of these women each day for the next 50 days on our social channels.

This is just the beginning. We’ll be adding more women to the list over time. We’ve recognized not only the artists but also the people on the business side of Christian hip hop. We encourage you to support these women and be aware of their transition points in their careers.

Why People are Leaving the Church

We transitioned to a discussion about why people are leaving the church. We mentioned articles that highlight religious abuse and corruption as reasons for people leaving. If you’re feeling discouraged or disenchanted with your church experience, we encourage you to seek support and counsel. It’s crucial to stay connected to Jesus Christ and find a healthy, well-balanced church community.

The Importance of Vacations

We also talked about the importance of taking vacations and the need for managers and leaders to have coverage plans in place for when employees go on vacation. Managers should put policies and procedures in place to ensure that employees are not expected to work or be in contact while on vacation. Vacation time should be used to refresh and recenter mentally and physically.

Why Are People Leaving the Church? Exploring the Reasons Behind the Exodus

The Five Career Stages

We opened the Career Clinic, a resource for career development. We addressed a comment from a listener who expressed feeling tired and wanting to pedal back in their career. We discussed the five career stages that individuals go through.

  1. Exploration: This is where individuals are trying to figure out what they want to do with their lives. Internships and volunteerism can help gain experience and learn about different fields.
  2. Establishment: This involves searching for and landing one’s first job and learning how to navigate the workplace. Finding a mentor can be beneficial at this stage.
  3. Mid-career: At this stage, individuals have gained experience and knowledge but may face the challenge of plateauing. Regularly checking work satisfaction and making adjustments can help avoid falling into mediocrity.
  4. Late career: Here, individuals have reached a level of expertise and experience, and the game has slowed down for them.
  5. Decline: This is retirement for those who have put in a decade or two in their job or industry. In this stage, individuals may spend more time with family and pursue work that is more passion and purpose-oriented.

Remember, these stages can vary for different demographics. For instance, millennials may be more focused on finding work that aligns with their passions and values earlier in their careers. It’s important to apply these stages to your own life and career, and not to compare yourself to others in different stages. Comparison can steal joy, and it’s important to be content and joyful in one’s own stage.

Thank you for joining us in this dialogue. We encourage you to share your takeaways and ask questions. We’re here to engage, learn, and grow together.

Do you or someone you know work with youth? Sign up for our free program Success on Your Own Terms for Youth. Don’t work with youth, but want to support the work? Make a one-time donation or shop our online store. Until next time be informed, be empowered and be accountable.


Women in CHH [00:00:13] Discussion about celebrating women in CHH and launching a campaign called 50 women you need to know in Christian hip hop.

Exposure for Women in Christian Hip Hop [00:02:01] The importance of giving more exposure to women in Christian hip hop and the launch of a playlist featuring 50 women in the genre.

Supporting Transition Points [00:04:39] Encouraging support for women in Christian hip hop who may want to transition into other aspects of the industry, such as business, radio management, licensing, and event promotion.

The celebration of women in Christian hip hop [00:09:29] Discussion about the pioneers of Christian hip hop in the 80s and anticipation for an upcoming film.

Reasons why people are leaving the church [00:11:14] Exploration of articles discussing the decline in church attendance, including religious abuse and banal reasons.

Encouragement to address challenges in faith [00:14:24] Encouragement to seek support and counsel when feeling discouraged or disenchanted in one’s faith journey.

Stage One: Exploration [00:24:27] Exploring career options and figuring out what you want to do with your life, including tips on internships and volunteerism.

Stage Two: Establishment [00:25:23] Searching for and landing your first job, learning how to navigate through an organization, and finding a mentor for guidance.

Stage Three: Mid-Career [00:27:10] A critical stage where success or mediocrity can be determined, emphasizing the importance of checking work satisfaction and avoiding plateauing.

Stage 1: Exploration [00:31:04] Exploring different career options and trying to figure out what you want to do.

Stage 2: Establishment [00:31:55] Searching for and landing your first job, learning how to deal with co-workers, and establishing yourself in your career.

Stage 5: Decline [00:34:06] Transitioning to retirement or a stage where you work less and focus on other passions and interests.

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