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The Corelink Solution Show

Do you find yourself wondering where your career is going at times?  Feeling stuck in terms of how you might move forward?  Or even wondering what it all means?

Don’t worry, you are not alone.  Many, despite where they are in their career, feel the same way.

If the world were perfect, we would live the life of our favorite superheroes.  We would stumble upon our superpowers (our gifts and talents) and even goof around with them for a while with our friends, but ultimately, we would find the purpose for which we were given those superpowers.  We would even have a Yoda-like guide that helps us hone those superpowers as we work to fulfill that purpose.

While the world is not perfect, my guests and I will help you find your superpowers and hone them in pursuit of fulfilling your purpose.

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Episode 36: Caring For Yourself And Others As A Leader with Shola Richards

Episode 35: The 3 Keys to Increasing Authentic Leadership with David Brown, Jr.

Episode 34: The Strength of Vulnerability with Amita Mehta

Episode 33: Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurship with Brad Nardick

Episode 32: Becoming a Sought-After Opportunity Maker with Kare Anderson

Episode 31: Finding clarity in your biggest vision with Jaclyn DiGregorio

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